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The countdown timer isn't a clock; it's Anna's hair. Said Evil Gloating is done with a smug, satisfied smile. It's downplayed as Elsa is the first Disney queen while Anna is the princess. He even manages to briefly cut off "Fixer Upper" when he tells them she is engaged to someone else, but the trolls decide that a fiancé is not a fixed thing - and by the way, they don't see no ring. Kai and Gerda, who were the child-aged protagonists in the original story, are replaced by the young adult protagonists in this version. Elsa survives an assassination attempt, only to be imprisoned instead.She gives up the will to live when she thinks her sister died because of her, only to be saved by Anna freezing to death. See the Act of True Love entry for the act that save her. Once she makes it clear she doesn't know how to reverse it, Hans concludes killing her is the best way to try to fix everything. This is the first Disney movie that shows, however tangentially, a monarch having to deal with issues of diplomacy and international trade. Anna's recklessness as a child, while Elsa pleads with her to slow down when using her powers, is what led to the accident, which in turn causes Elsa to have to hide herself and her magic. This led many to believe it was just going to be IN SNOW before the film proved them very wrong. Never Say "Die": Averted, even early on, with Kristoff warning Anna about her impulsive, untrained attempts at mountain climbing: "You're gonna kill yourself." Never Trust a Trailer: Olaf's melting scene. Classic case of older siblings teasing the younger one, except it lasted for two years. This leads him to think that Kristoff and Sven are named "Sven" for much of the movie. In the merchandise, notice how Hans is left out of the merchandise unless it's a set of the full cast, but Kristoff isn't, marking him as the male lead. Shut Up, Hannibal!: After Elsa thaws out Anna through the Power of Love, Hans rants about how impossible it is because Elsa had frozen Anna's heart. Hairstyle business card. Rather than changing it to make it more consistent with the villainous direction they were originally going for with Elsa, the filmmakers were actually inspired by the song to change Elsa from a Tragic Villain to a Classical Antihero Deuteragonist, even if it meant heavily rewriting most of the plot. Use an oil based serum, such as Three Flowers Brilliantine Liquid. The look will be more authentic if you do, but it’s a mess! Skip the expensive stuff and just use coconut or jojoba oil  to grease and shine. While men’s hair product lines are expanding you may still have better luck shopping in the ladies hair section at your local drugstore. Meaning, either the Valley of the Living Rock is farther away from Arendelle than Elsa's ice palace, or this trope is in effect. After she loses that, she gets a magenta cape lined with white fur on the collar. Anna is saved by trolls but afterwards their parents separate the sisters. Hans and the guards try to shoot arrows at Marshmallow. Hans is the smooth, charming, and well dressed villain, and Kristoff is the snarky, impolite, and sometimes insensitive Tritagonist of the film. She's unconscious for what must be a few hours, but recovers very quickly after a few seconds of blurred vision. Be they political or supernatural in nature, you can lean on friends and family.

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For the first time in forever, nothing's in my waaaaay- [crashes into Hans's horse] Hey! At The Reveal Anna says "You won't get away with this!" as Hans is about to leave her to die. "The Reason You Suck" Speech: In the Cut Song "Life's Too Short", both Anna and Elsa call each other out for what the other has done.

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No Endor Holocaust: Once Elsa figures out the "undo" aspect of her powers, all the floral life affected by it is magically returned to a summertime state. Though Sven "agrees" with what's said, it's more so Kristoff can just tell us what he's already thinking.

Nightmare Fetishist: Olaf has an obsession with and eagerness to experience summer activities, blissfully unaware that he'll melt in the extreme heat. They are playing with Elsa's ice powers when Elsa slips and hit Anna in the head. Just before that moment, when Hans lies to Elsa about her curse killing Anna, Elsa's fear gives way to despair, resulting in the raging blizzard her emotions had conjured to subside as she goes numb. You ALL Share My Story: After Anna's accident, she is healed by a bunch of trolls, who just so happen to be Kristoff's adopted parents.

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