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She and Marge are watching a film where the male protagonist chooses a woman named "Lisabella" to be his dance partner. In the end the gazelle, touched when the wildebeest is willing to reveal his hideous visage to scare off a rival at her birthday party, removes her makeup and reveals herself to be just as ugly as he is and they both share a kiss before the end credits. It didn't help that he didn't wear any disguise whatsoever while operating as a superhero. In this episode EVERYONE except Katie herself is able to see that her boyfriend is actually a giant chicken. So far everyone who has met both of his identities has been able to figure it out, as well as a few who have only met one of his identities, but know of the other. In fact, they'd been swapping off; a Rewatch Bonus is detecting the subtle differences in Borden. An earlier story where the brilliant Wizard tries, and fails, to learn Johnny's identity is quietly ignored, and he knows perfectly well who the Torch is in his next appearance. That gave me a lot of confidence when I didn't really have any. Despite the fact that he is the only man in the world, Eve still can't figure out that Batman and Adam are the same person. Anyone who has seen Dredd up close in his helmet knows that chin.

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Comb over hairstyle fade. Oh, right." This trope was further spoofed in another comic where Spider-Man briefly meets another hero, who is clearly a Marvel Comics parody of Superman. I feel like something has changed for me, but it's a new change, so it's going to be hard for me to describe. Undercut pixie hairstyle. Oddly enough, he can't recognize Perry if he were wearing anything else. After he gets an Important Haircut and loses the Opaque Nerd Glasses, is revealed to be quite beautiful after all. Lois, after analyzing Clark thoroughly, quickly realizes that this mild-mannered reporter may simply be putting on an act. She was unhappy with how her glasses came out in pictures the band had taken. But I don't feel settled, like I have all my ducks in a row -- and maybe that's not realistic. For the record, Patience's mask really doesn't hide that much of her face. For a while, Starfire of the Teen Titans managed to keep a secret identity as a model by simply covering her glowing green eyes with a pair of sunglasses. [on Marilyn Monroe] Contradiction is always a neat thing in any human being. Girls shaved head hairstyle. The only ones who do are her mom, Clara's secret crush , and her friends at N.U.D.E.

is another Magical Girl anime that uses this trope

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