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And it was amazing."Ever since these youthful indiscretions, Levine has been doing what feels like a long walk of shame. "Men are not as sophisticated as women," he goes on. Chances are also good that you find him strangely uncool. I’m not saying I have a preference, but like, I want to date someone.

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He grabs a coconut water from the fridge and gingerly eases his body onto a floral-upholstered bench in the breakfast nook. Levine menjadi salah satu juri dan pelatih kontestan dalam acara TV menyanyi,. "Because, truthfully, it’s not the most desirable place for a lot of people to go."Attention is not something Levine shirks. "Adam was trying to sing like Eddie Vedder, which is funny, because Adam is a baritone. And then they had a weird left turn into like jam-band stuff, like Phish and Dave Matthews Band." Then Levine discovered Stevie Wonder and had a kind of revelation. "I’m still kind of pissed off at you, to be honest," he says, laughing. Then, at the afterparty at Tribeca Grill, he and Behati Prinsloo are wrapped around each other in a banquette, giggling, when Levine’s publicist interrupts. It’s a rental-Levine and his bros are only living in it until contractors complete work on a place for him and his fiancée, supermodel Behati Prinsloo. Earlier, he had extolled the virtues of living in the Valley.

They confidence." This is true, and it may be the main reason Levine is so often slapped with the douchebag label. Modern celebrities are supposed to be hiding cellulite and driving Priuses, not driving flamboyant Ferraris and dating models and exposing extremely enviable, well-toned abs. Gitar tersebut dapat tersedia untuk dibeli di toko Target. But there arguments to be made: He put a grand piano in his bedroom. Ketika melewati , dia telah mendirikan sebuah grup rock alternatif yaitu Kara's Flowers dan menjadi penyanyi utama dan pemain gitar. The 'Voice' coach also dished on this season's bromance with Blake Shelton and how new coach Jennifer Hudson is fitting in. 4c hairstyle. "Every day," he’d said to me, "every single day, at some point, I think to myself, this is so great. But becoming a mega pop star at a time when that isn’t even supposed to be possible takes "I’ve worked hard," he says, "but I’ve also had a lot of wonderful things happen to me. It’s so much fun."Now Levine returns from the bathroom. But that doesn’t mean that I " He thinks for a minute. His enthusiastic coaching of aspiring singers on has made Levine a household name. "You gotta start your own workout program and call it ’Three Days Is Enough.’ " He swivels his head as we pass a strip mall. Arguably, posing naked on the cover of a Russian magazine with his last Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend could fit the bill. Ini adalah kali pertama bagi mereka sebagai orang asli Los Angeles mendapat pandangan terhadap kancah musik yang benar-benar berbeda, sebuah kesadaran budaya terhadap kedua orang tersebut. Dia memilki seorang saudara laki-laki, Michael, dan seorang saudara perempuan, Julia Milne. We’d call it Weed and Golf," Levine says."And Tacos," adds Shawn."I like tacos," Levine says happily as we pull up to the house, a big white wedding cake of a compound whose past occupants include Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. Levine’s only contribution to the decor is a plaque above the sink, a gift from his former colleague CeeLo Green, sentimentally inscribed THE ONLY REASON I WOULD KICK YOU OUT OF BED IS TO FUCK YOU ON THE FLOOR.A cleaning lady brushes by with a bucket. "It’ll all make sense somehow."He heads to the bathroom to process all the coconut waters, leaving me to ponder these deep questions alone. "Or maybe I am, I don’t know."He takes a long sip of green juice. Dia juga muncul dalam album Kanye West, , pada singel ketiga, "Heard 'Em Say". Sementara Levine menyambi bekerja sebagai asisten penulis dalam acara televisi "Judging Amy," dia juga menghabiskan waktunya dengan menulis lirik tentang mantan kekasihnya, Jane. I’m not the easiest person to love right off the bat, you know. Like a mix between like a liquor store and like a pharmacy and like a.a pizzeria. Levine juga pernah menyumbangkan suaranya pada album Gym Class Heroes "Stereo Hearts". Pada saat usia remaja, Levine pernah didiagnosa dengan Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder The coaches are giving 'Starsky & Hutch' a run for their money in hilarious, campy new parody ad lampooning old-school cop shows. Saying you wanted to be successful was like announcing that you loved hair metal or shopping at Structure. But perhaps more so than it is for any other celebrity, the word and its variants are applied to Adam Levine in an almost proprietary way.

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