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Generations of Black hairstyles reflect this in the history and evidence of how Blacks wore their hair. You need to be consistent with moisturizing your hair, everyday if possible. Men fringe hairstyle. Even though air drying your hair takes more time, it’s waaaaaay healthier for your hair than blow drying. It is also more vulnerable to damage from harsh chemicals.  African American hair has the same chemical keratin protein structure as other hair types. Many slaves were forced to become beauticians and barbers for their white owners while others attempted to maintain their African roots by braiding their hair into patterns with the use of natural herbs they obtained from trees. Some of the most natural hair moisturizers for black hairstyles are grape seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil and of course the for good reason. Curly twist hairstyle. People were no longer threatened by seeing an afro on a Black person. Red hair bob hairstyle. This was quite the contrast to the African dark skin, curly hair and wider noses and mouths. Some ladies I’ve known swore on coconut oil for hair and others had different favorites. Today Black women are wearing their hair any way they see fit to enhance their overall looks and to be stylish.  OK, so as you probably know by now, it’s not always easy to grow your hair long, especially if you are unknowingly damaging your hair and causing it to rebel against any efforts to grow long and beautiful. These protective styles for natural hair and relaxed hair are time-saving, low-maintenance, they help you retain hair length and moisturize. Focus on hairstyles that don’t require heat like twist outs, braid outs, roller sets, buns, wash-n-go hairstyles, etc.

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Get Fish In Your Diet or Supplement It Before looking for outer ways of increasing you hair length, work from the inside out.

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Sometimes she did it quickly, sometimes she took foreeeeeeeever! Knowing how to moisturize hair is KEY in growing some beautiful, long, natural hair. Classic men hairstyle.     I’m a natural hair blogger who adores her texture. Those hair growth habits are what you’re going to learn right now.   Today, Blacks are losing control over the Black hair care market as mergers and acquisitions are tearing down the old Black-owned structures.

Nearly every Black-owned and operated barbershop in the United States had at least one barber who specialized in conking hair. There are  in the stores now that many women forget that natural hair products even exist! The funny thing is that many natural hair growth products are in the same stores, for example olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil and more. Have no doubt… You can have long hair when you feed and nourish it the right way. The general consensus was that a Black woman simply could not find a husband unless she wore straight hair nor could she find work. Wear Protective Hair Styles You probably already know about the many black hairstyles that are considered protective hairstyles, such as African hair braiding styles, human hair weaves, buns, twists and various wigs for black women. Conks sometimes were worn as large pompadours while others chose to just slick their straightened hair back. The turning point that received the most attention was when L'Oreal acquired Carson.  That would be Vaseline - the multi-use balm that’s safe enough to protect against diaper rash.

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Avoid Blow Drying Your Hair Like The Plague! Not only is blow drying hair bad for your hair and scalp because of the extreme heat, but also all of the yanking, pulling and tugging that usually comes along with it make it one of. It’s magic! It’s scientific fact that and it’s a big reason why your hair becomes brittle, dull and lifeless. Although they aren’t focused on hair care products specifically, they do have plenty of great products you can use for your hair. The hair of Blacks' is usually more coarse, has a tighter curl pattern and is more naturally delicate than the hair of Caucasians or of Asians. Slave owners were also notorious for purposely dehumanizing the Black woman by referring to her hair as woolly. Be Patient! One of the strongest personality traits of women who know how to grow longer hair is patience.

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