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It's about choices and options." Kim Kardashian"No make up kinda weekend" Hilary Duff"My hair my hair. Ensure you have everything by your side so you don’t have to move in the process. Also, make sure you have enough hair! There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through and realising that you have run out. Before you get started, ensure your hair is long enough, healthy and can cope with the micro braids as they can damage thin and weak hair. You can at least enjoy the finished result without doing anything more to your hair. Created by literally criss-crossing or braiding your cornrows in a way that causing them to intersect and overlap, there are quite a few styles that can be achieved with the help of a steady hand and a bit of ingenuity. Once you have your braids installed, they can last for months. Micro Braids Mohawk Style Go for the rocker Mohawk style by creating a gorgeous girly braid version. Fun and fairly easy to do, these braids will keep you in-style for weeks at a time! No, once again, this is not a reference to the hip-hop community. Toss your hair to one side to show off your unique shaven side, and when you get bored, just toss it back into a centre parting! If you’re still unsure, you can always shave a tiny section, smaller than the photo and see what you think. How you style them is entirely up to you, but do keep in mind that the smaller they are, the longer they typically last. Simple girl hairstyle. Either way, there is a long, beautiful history behind these cornrow styles so do your best and rock them with pride!. You simply start the braids and see where your creativity takes you. What’s more, they can be installed by using extensions or your own natural hair. Cute Style for Summer Summer is coming so you need to think about what hairstyle you can have to stand out. Don’t use a heavy condition as they can cause build-up in the hair, resulting in a dry scalp. As mentioned, make sure you do take your braids out every two – three months or so, and when you do decide to braid your hair again, try a different style.

Alicia Keys' Hairstylist Shares Easy Ways to Style Natural.

Micro Braids & Gorgeous Curls There are no rules when it comes to braiding your hair. Deepika padukone hairstyle. Therefore, if something is in your hair that needs to be rinsed out, it’s best to use clear water to get rid of it. #hair #nomakeup #nofilter #noretouch #light" Laverne Cox"The other day after I took out my braids before we put them back in. To achieve this look, you simply start with your clean, dry dreadlocks and braid them together as you would normally do with non-dreaded hair. Remember, when you have braids, you won’t be able to clean as intense as you can now. Also, make sure the braids are uniform in some way and as always, pay attention to the parts! Caring for your Cornrow Styles Another, often overlooked element to rocking different cornrow styles is learning how to care for them.

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Hairstyle for school dance. A highly unique look, the cornrow crown consists of a series of cornrows around the perimeter of the head being braided inward, with another smaller subset of braids being braided from the inside out. Micro Braids into a Side Braid Side braids are feminine and girly as Gabrielle Union shows you below

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