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It also didn't help that Dalton was without rookie first-round wide receiver John Ross, who is nursing a knee injury.That's also on the team to an extent, because it knew Ross had health-related red flags prior to the draft. While there were tipped balls leading to two of the picks, only one of those -- the second-quarter pick that was swatted by Terrell Suggs at the line and knocked far into the air -- was of the variety. European hairstyle.

Andy Dalton - Cincinnati Bengals - 2017 Player Profile.

Green for a large portion of that period, but Green is healthy now. Dalton was more conservative, more accurate and cut down even further on interceptions Whitworth's and Zeitler's replacements, third-year first-round pick Cedric Ogbuehi and fourth-year Texas product Trey Hopkins, struggled immensely. By the end of this one, Dorsey was injured, too.His three interceptions in the game were his three worst plays from an expected points standpoint, though the two sacks he suffered -- quarterbacks receive part of the blame for sacks in QBR -- didn't help, either. Green, then again flanked as a receiver while BenJarvus Green-Ellis rushed for a touchdown via a direct snap. With John Ross’ speed that will be a big factor," Dalton said. It considers things such as how credit should be divided among teammates, the down and distance on a quarterback's action plays, the strength of the opposing defense, the rushing contributions of a quarterback and whether plays occur in garbage time. The depth chart had Dalton listed as the first-string quarterback, followed by Gradkowski. Messy fohawk hairstyle. Brandon got tackled when he made the break on the play. Start a conversation with your favorite players and experience sports in a whole new way. It starts with me." Dalton was the closer of the two. Hairstyle with red highlights. "I didn't give us a chance to score the points we needed to win. Dalton was named initially as a Pro Bowl Alternate in his first year, and was added to the AFC Pro Bowl roster after the New England Patriots won the AFC Championship, forcing Tom Brady to withdraw. But not on Sunday.Dalton actually had four plays in which he himself cost his team more than a whole expected point. Interception.Oh, and he had a fourth interception for good measure. And Hopkins is already dealing with a knee injury.Their peersright tackle Jake Fisher, left guard Clint Boling and center Russell Bodineweren't any better.Katherine Terrell @Kat_TerrellCedric Ogbuehi was beaten by Suggs there. Such performances have raised doubt about whether Dalton is a "big-game" quarterback.

Just look at his numbers from the second half of the season. ChiefsBefore Manning and the Broncos won the Super Bowl, before he took his job back from Brock Osweiler and before he sat out with a plantar fascia injury, there was this game.

Andy Dalton, QB for the Cincinnati Bengals at

He's proved to be a very good signal-caller for much of his career

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