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Yuuri's wish for Airi is very evocative of Sayaka's wish for Kyousuke, while Airi herself is in some ways an Evil Counterpart of Homura. The same goes for Team Galactic in Diamond and Pearl.

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Comb the bangs to the front and sweep them over to one side. certainly has ample amounts of Ho Yay: Gareki's obvious affection for, and protectiveness of, Nai. The English dub also toned down her narcissism compared to the Japanese version. Fade to black for a few seconds, and the last shot before the credits is Friday gripping Watson's hand as if in reciprocation. And to get back to the original and most outstanding case Kogenta once delivered this gem of a line: "I like either one of you" both "you's" in question are Riku and he got all jealous when Yuuma referred to Riku without honorifics. Adaptation Distillation: Most of the time, only one element of a dual-typed Pokémon is mentioned. There was also the Pokédex, who is usually just a computer spouting off information about Pokémon. At one point he was forced to use this and the anime followed the manga to the bone on Dazai leaving Chuuya to sleep in the forest.except for one little detail. The Pokémon showboat episode implies that the Pokémon do this, but we can't tell because of Pokémon Speak and the dubbing process. Usually the egg has a pattern that indicates what species it'll hatch into. Hairstyle ideas tumblr. With long streaks in powder blue and a messy half updo that juts out in all directions, this hairdo is sure to steal the show. Dazai/Atsushi also has a bit of this going, but Dazai rejected it very early on, resulting in the most hilarious offhand humor never to be regarded by the fandom. Asymmetric Emo Hairdo With Teal Streaks Image: ShutterstockAn edgy emo hairdo, this sure is an offbeat way to go about it as far as emo styles are concerned.

has official yaoi couples and additional Ho Yay abounds among the cast. To Be Continued: Even though most episodes don't end in cliffhangers. Afterwards it turns out that she sucked all the air out of her lungs instead, and still complains about her passing out. For example, here's the All-Cheering All the Time: In the Kanto League, Gary's cheerleaders did this. They vary from a relative that died due to illness, accident or old age, historical figures, or the main characters actually encountering human ghosts

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