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They won’t all fit in; you’ll have leftover cereal in most boxes. May garnish with orange slice and/or cinnamon stick, if desired. Within a few hours, our beloved Elms Hotel was reduced to rubble. Within a few weeks, we had baked almost every mix that came with it. Hairstyle for kids. Boil down to half; add cream and boil down to half. Marinated Basil Shrimp is another great recipe of Lynn’s, which I have modified a bit.

You can cut the pie-wedge shapes as large or as small as you like. He and our grandparents, Burt and Dorothy, handled all the work of cleaning and running the hotel, which didn’t appear to be a big priority for any of them. They were goodhearted people who enjoyed their lives, and we loved being immersed in the exciting yet molasses-paced lifestyle of a small-town hotel. When ready to serve, ladle warm sauce over each petite cake. Before you reject this concept, you must make them once to see how the buttermilk and bran come together to create a melt-in-your-mouth, almost graham-like flavor. I am a fan of winter for about three days of the year-the day I put up the tree, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and then I’m done with it. Meanwhile whisk all of the remaining ingredients together. Or, he might tap dance around the lobby or down the wide staircase, with the dust mop as his partner. We knew he would make it big in Hollywood some day. Saved for last was the best one of all, a white cake mix with pink frosting to be baked in tiny white cupcake papers! These were going to be amazing. For dessert, we have Cranberry Cakes with Vanilla Sauce. I had hoped to include all of the ideas, but it takes too much space. To prepare for the worst, I start something sturdy and luscious, such as an aromatic chicken tortilla soup, in a pot at the back of the stove to telegraph “safe,” “warm” and “sustaining” to every corner of the house. Then roll up each triangle, starting from the wide end. Another one of Lynn McCollum’s recipes is perfect when I have lots of people around: Tijuana Train Wreck. Most of the furniture was turned in the same direction, to the west, to afford their occupants a grand view of the railroad tracks and depot station. Store in glass jars or plastic containers in the refrigerator. She let me have one, and finally I relented on the other three, and we “drove” them to the hotel on our tricycles. So allow me to share a couple of thoughts and then we’ll move on to the other special recipes I have for you. Watching trains heading west to Omaha or east to Chicago provided a great pastime for local spectators. Moving on to our family’s favorite Christmas Eve entreé, this outstanding recipe is from my friend Kathy Zumbach. Add broth, salsa, tomatoes, green chilies, brown sugar and seasonings. He barked out a gruff thank you as he closed the door on these out-of-context gift-bearers. We would wave to the people in the dining cars, and the man standing on the caboose platform never failed to smile and wave at us. I only accompanied her up the staircase so it would appear that I cared for these people as much as she did. I do think these kinds of frostings are more flexible and allow for more creativity for cookie decorators. Best of all, our house was only a block away, so we could pop in any time we wished. I am sharing lots of my recipes today and some are from of great friends. We mourned his death as if he had been a dear family member.

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