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Kristi Lee noted “I am thrilled to be back on The BOB & TOM Show…even though I fully expect to be interrupted by the boys on a regular basis…again”. A gorgeous woman in sunglasses drives, with Silent Bob sitting in the back seat. Justice pulls the bag of diamonds from her jacket, revealing them. Mullet hawk hairstyle. Just then a PIZZA DELIVERY GUY approaches the lower terrace, carrying a stack of pizzas. Chrissy tosses the decibel monitor over the laser beams, Sissy catches it, and the monitor rises only slightly. At least Holden had the good sense to keep his name off of it. SISSY You're the one that brought the kid in, Jussy. Then-- HOLDEN But since it is happening, you might as well just ignore the idiots on the Internet, go find Banky, and get your "motherfucking movie check." As you so succinctly put it. Randal grabs it, takes a bite, and starts reading a newspaper. Then, the SOUND of SIRENS rings out in the distance. Banky stares at Silent Bob, agog, Jay rolls his eyes. Japanese hairstyle man. bananas on us! The Agents crack up even more, Willenholly's pissed. JAY Look at his fuckin' lipstick!!! He's got a stoner-boner!!! Jay and Bob smile and pass out. The Internet's given everyone in America a voice, and everyone in American has chosen to use that voice to bitch about movies. Bob nods, After a beat, the pair tear-ass past the guard booth. Sissy's banging the Pizza Delivery Guy against the vanity.

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ROADSIDE--LATER As the bus pulls away, Jay and Silent Bob are revealed, left behind. DANTE I thought the fat one didn't really talk much. TIGHT on Suzanne's right hand grabbing Jay's right hand. Willenholly then climbs into the sewer, disappearing. We'll tell all our gay friends that Utah is Gay friendly country for gays who are gay. I used to think that all men generally have a love-'em-and-leave-'em attitude when it comes to dating women -- and that there was nothing I could do to make a man faithful to me. Throwing it all away for a little stoner with bad pronunciation. After we shut that shit down, we can start looking for the monkey. SEWER TUNNEL--SAME Jay and Suzanne pull with all their might. BRODIE I believe it "Snootchie Boochies." Regardless--you're getting screwed. If it'll get me a few hundred miles across country. Justice rushes Sissy and instead of sleek kung fu, they launch into a down-and-dirty, girl's cat-fight; hair pulling and screaming. That's because it's a relationship pattern that spontaneously shows up simply because men are true to their male nature -- and this often comes into conflict with women who are just being true to their female nature. I now realize it was all the resentment building up inside me - things which happened in the past that I didn't bring up for fear of being the 'witch' or 'nag' and yet they have been festering inside me all this time. JAY You know, Justice died trying to save this monkey, so maybe we should keep her around. Not in the eyes of the state or any real church, Skywalker. "Maybe he has intimacy issues." "Maybe he's met someone else." Then, you might even consult with your friends, and together, you speculate about why he suddenly seems indifferent and distant. JAY Zoinks, yo GUY And now we can finally solve the mystery of the Hitchhiking Ghouls! Pull off their masks and let's see who they really are! BOOKISH I don't think they are masks. "It makes all the difference in the world, and ultimately draws men near to you. Willenholly closes the door behind Justice and gets in the car. You felt abandoned - and you start asking yourself question after question.

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Most women think that words are going to tug at a man's heart strings, and make him fall to his knees begging for the woman to take him back

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