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Cut in layers so it doesn't get fluffy and you don't end up with a "triangle" look where the ends poof out like a Christmas tree. A round face can look rounder with hair cut to the chin, encasing the head like a helmet. Apparently, Diaz was so upset, she yelled, which made her stylist cry. This look is trendy and gorgeous and would look great on a round face because the braid up top adds volume to the top of the head. Michael Buckner // Getty Images Glee's Jenna Ushkowitz, pictured here, pairs bangs with curls. It’s our one, true physical attachment to style and self-confidence. No commitment required.Shop This Look Ombre Highlight Spray. Even women with thick, coarse hair can wear a long bob. Stone's cut skims her collarbone and "the ends aren't quite blunt or layered," says her hairstylist, Mara Roszak to Allure Magazine. This allows the hair to fall in a curtain on either side of the face, in effect "hiding" the roundness of the face. Brown Short haircuts are tricky on round faces because many short cuts add width to the sides of the face -- a no-no for round faces. This is proof that some rules are meant to be broken. If you have a round face, such as pop singer Sofia Reyes, pictured here, let your natural waves out and add more in with a curling iron. See more updos for formal eventsSee more long, wavy hairstyles Shoulder-Length Hairstyles Are Very Flattering Olivia Munn shows off a great hairstyle for a round face. Our identity, our attitude… sometimes our morning nemesis, it’s always our first impression’s first impression. Frazer Harrison for Getty Images "A round face looks really good with an uneven cut, meaning a mix of lengths," says hairstylist Chris McMillan in Allure Magazine. Get long layers cut in and create the waves with the barrel of a curling iron. The long, side-swept bangs are particularly flattering and the fact that this cut lays flat to the head means it adds little volume to the sides of the face. Usually bobs and short cuts in general don't look good on round face shapes, but this particular bob looks fantastic on Cameron Diaz, who has a natural round face. Side quiff hairstyle. I've seen other, shorter cuts on her, that accentuate her round face. The secret to a great hairstyle on a round face is to create the illusion of length instead of roundness. As I've said earlier in this slideshow, round faces are not usually well-suited to bobs. Two buns hairstyle. Women with short necks need length to elongate their necks. Find out how in my article, How to Create 'Beachy' Waves. Parting hairstyle. If you have a round face, tame curls by wrapping hair around a large-barreled curling iron. If you have a round face, your best cuts will fall a few inches below the chin and longer. InStyle Magazine named Bumble and Bumble Sumotech the best pomade on the market.

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"I cut into the ends of each layer to make them all blend together," Roszak told Allure.Long, side-swept bangs create angles on a round face.

Avoid jaw-length bobs if you have a round face, especially if you were also blessed with a short neck. You may also consider straightening your hair or taming your curls into waves with the help of relaxers and curling irons. What's nice about blac hair and weaves is that you can change it up every few months, providing you have the money. This formula creates the perfect sun-kissed effect by adding subtle dimension, highlights and pigment exactly where you want them. See The Best Short Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes. If you have straight-but-thick hair, this is a great hairstyle that's super easy to style if you aren't high-maintenance. So many celebrities are chopping off their long hair into a long bob. But when she wears her hair in a bun or ponytail, you can see that her face is round. Find out how to get perfect beachy waves from the guy most famous for them, Ahn Co Tran in my article, The Secret to Perfect Tousled Hair. Maria Menounos wears her thick, coarse, long hair in a braid that runs up and over her head. Don't miss: Best Bangs by Face Shapes and How to Find the Part in Your Hair. Twists hairstyle men. To get these perfect waves, you'll want to curl them around the barrel of a curling iron, leaving the ends out. I've even seen some braids on older women that are absolutely gorgeous.

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