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The Barbie doll was introduced as a teenage fashion model, but in the years that followed she has taken on many aspirational roles. The smart side-part styles that defined decades of classic Ken have been joined by close-cropped hairdos: the shaggy-on-top/faded-on-the-sides styles, fashionable cornrows and the love-it-or-hate-it hipster hairstyle, the man bun, with a molded button of hair at the back of Ken’s crown. Also, one version of Ken comes with a pair of silver sunglasses, while another wears spectacles.Although there aren’t any bearded Kens, bald Kens or tattoo-sporting Kens, that doesn’t mean there won’t be more Kens to come. Barbie doll is further expanding her versatile and limitless roles to inspire girls' dreams as she prepares for the new millennium.

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Soon thereafter, Handler returned from a trip to Europe with a "Lilli" doll, modeled after a character in a German comic strip. This has become more true over the years, as Barbie herself has expanded her horizons: she has now appeared as a doctor, astronaut, businesswoman, police officer, UNICEF volunteer, and athlete. The play pattern is that for every six to eight Barbies [a child] has, they generally have one Ken. There’s going to be changes that we keep pushing, but you have to launch with something. For what it’s worth, giving the classically handsome Ken a man bun makes him look like a miniature David Beckham. “That’s one signifier where you’re really able to see a difference. From the beginning, Barbie has also had her critics: the major accusation, from feminists and others, has been that she reinforces sexism, representing a young woman with questionable intelligence and a near-impossible physique. Handler sensed that it was just as important for girls to imagine what they themselves might grow up to become as it was for them to focus on what caring for children might be like. Barbie doll is keeping in step by allowing girls to use their computers to program and personalize their Barbie doll and design, create, play and dream using Barbie™ software. A little hard to believe, but the Barbie Doll started out as a human being! She was Barbara Handler, the daughter of Ruth and Elliot Handler. Mattel was so swamped with orders that it took several years for supply to catch up with demand. Short hairstyle with beard. So if you have a Ken kids aren’t interested in, that could affect sales. Currently, we have to fit into store shelving, and shelving limits how tall we can go. Since then, Barbie's popularity has rarely flagged; and today, with over one billion dolls sold, the Barbie product line is the most successful in the history of the toy industry. She's a successful businesswoman, a member of a rock band and a Women's World Cup Soccer player. Because all the adult dolls then available were made of paper or cardboard, Handler decided to create a three-dimensional adult female doll, one lifelike enough to serve as an inspiration for her daughter's dreams of her future. What your hairstyle says about you guys. The world of the Barbie® doll today is a great deal more than a doll and accessories. Over the years, Barbie has achieved the title of the most popular fashion doll ever created Having the new crop of Ken dolls is “definitely going to help,” said Jim Silver, chief executive and editor in chief of, a toy-review website. Height adds variety in a very visual way.”The challenge , Best said, wasn’t vertical-height bias but merchandising. Messy hairstyle men. She has tackled almost every conceivable profession, including dentist, doctor, firefighter, astronaut, paleontologist-even Presidential candidate. A line of fashions and accessories was also available.

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