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Face Shape Suitability: Round, Oval, Oblong, Square, Heart, Diamond, and Triangular. She has a square jaw line which benefits from short styles like this one that bring the focus upwards. For example, oval-shaped faces should add extra layers throughout the hair, long faces should add bangs, and square faces should part the hair on the side. Add layers that go from your ears down to the ends. You must have seen ladies in a party adopting variety of hairstyles with the trendy sari they wear. So, if you’re looking for something universally flattering with a no-fuss upkeep, meet your new cut.Instagram/Jen Atkin Choosing a Style Based on Face Shape and Hair Type Avoid cuts with sharp edges on the top and sides. Avoid slicked back looks that take away from the volume of your hair. Wavy hairstyle on Indian hairstyle for saree The most stylish hairstyle with side bangs. Ones that work really well for men are: brush backs, mid-fades with pompadours, tapering fade with quiffs, and undercuts with comb overs. This works best with extensions, straightened, or relaxed hair. This will balance your shape and bring attention to those beautiful curls! If you add a side part, you'll enhance your cheekbones even further. You also tend to have an all-or-nothing attitude, and taking the leap to chop bangs is definitely an all-in decision. If you are willing to straighten or relax your hair, try something that's around shoulder length. Aisha Tyler loves to wear chic and sexy hairstyles that match her bold personality, from long to short she can pull pretty much anything off. Oval faces are easy to work with, so you can go with a pixie or even a crop. Skip the styles that put too much volume on the top of your head. Our model looks flawless here in a chic and timeless pageboy style bob with a modern twist- a heavy arched fringe. Dragon hairstyle. “Create volume at the hairline away from your face and with a side part instead," advises Rodney Cutler. Either way, it will look très chic! Consider an afro for a more masculine cut. It’ll balance out the triangle shape by adding volume to the top. For something more subdued, try a pixie cut instead. Don't straighten it, and let your natural texture do its thing. Instead, choose something shorter than your ears, or something that extends past your ears. The side part lets her side swept fringe cascade nicely around her temple and creates a sexy peek-a-boo effect. Make sure that it is longer on the top to add volume and create the illusion of a longer face. Reese witherspoon hairstyle. The hairstyle is simple and takes less time compared to other stylish hairstyles.

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If you want, you can do a low ponytail and add waves to it with a curling iron. It is the most proportioned of all face shapes and suits the widest variety of hairstyles. Adding highlights would help define the style further. Keep the sides long enough to run your fingers through them, and the top long enough to brush upward into a 'hawk. You can also try a side part.Don’t part your hair down the middle and avoid styles that add extra height to the top of your head. Avoid styles that emphasize the upper part of your face as well as slicked back styles. Try a shoulder-length cut with layers between your chin and collarbone. Work with varying lengths if you want something more masculine. Stylish updo hairstyle for saree The hairstyle looks delightful updos hairstyle for saree. Keke palmer hairstyle. This bob is not only fashionable for Aisha but it also suits her oblong face shape and hair type perfectly. A curly bob would look great! If you are willing to straighten or relax your hair, you could add some sweeping side bangs.Try to keep your hair parted to the side. The stylish fashion, hairstyle with heavy trendy jewelry looks beautiful. Keep the top part of your hair a few inches/centimeters long so that you can style it. If you want something shorter on the sides, keep the edges and fades rounded. Adrianne Palicki is flaunting a cool wavy bob here that has a fabulous finish to it. The blunt bangs provides her eyes with a chic frame while the rest of her hair maintains a smooth, geometric shape. All the hair is side swept on shoulder with a low curl wavy hair. Face Shape Suitability: Oval, Oblong, Square, Heart, Diamond, and Triangular. The simple side swept hairstyle is good looking with soft and smooth hair. Hairstyles add charm and elegance to the person who wears it.

Landon Clements looks ultra glam here in wavy locks that fall past her shoulder

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