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It’s such a versatile braided style that you can go from red carpet to the luxury room rug. It’s a time for decent and sophisticated look! This is easy to carry everyday look that can be converted from work to after five attire and it look fabulous without any too much effort applied. Every chic lady can go with brilliant ideas for any taste and mood. By incorporating thick braids with smaller braids and wrapping hair around the ponytail holder is the simplest style which you ever had, because the few hair stripes are wrapping around the hair by showing more style. Here are the rules of getting this coveted hairstyle, known as the lob. Flip bob hairstyle. So glam and sexy! Cute Satin Headband Tutorial: Learn how to pull off this schoolgirl chic style that will have you giving off that innocent schoolgirl vibe. How to: The Pouf: Seriously, Naima from America’s Next Top Model rocked the best faux hawk I have ever seen. Valerie Macon for Getty Images If you search for "shag hairstyles" on the Internet, what comes up is dated, rocker girl hairstyles with lots of layers. Cone hairstyle.

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Hey, two for the price of one is never bad! How to French Braid Hair: French braiding is another beautiful braiding style you can use to spice up your everyday ‘do. Single earrings have, oddly, long been a guy thing, or at least a Harrison Ford and Michael Jordan thing. Try a Shag Hairstyle The beauty in the shag hairstyle is that it flatters all face shapes. Just make sure you have a good hairline and no widow's peak, as a topknot might not be so flattering on you. That’s all, folks! Hope you enjoyed this journey through the world of hairstyle and found a few things that were helpful. Va-va-va-voom! How to Avoid a Bad Hairstyle: Do not let the dreaded bad hairstyle happen to you! And FYI, last I checked, mullets are still … How to Banish Hair Static: Underestimated, but tres importante! As rockin’ as your hair may be, static will take you down. However colored braids look striking when twisted and if you have a lighter skin tone you  match great with it. And when you’re finished, you can hook up with Brody, LOL! How to Do Beachy Waves With a Flat Iron: Fun in the sun is not only about summer but also about SEX-Y hair. It's become the cool hairstyle of choice for singers Miley Cyrus and Pink as well as a host of other celebrities. Pascal Le Segretain for Getty This haircut is just gorgeous on some oval face shapes but works best on women with square and round face shapes. How to Grow Your Hair Out: If you’re trapped in that awkward stage of growing out your hair, then these tips will help you shorten the dreaded “growing out” period when transitioning styles. Curly Hair Updo Tutorial: This is for all the curly headed girls out there who know how difficult it can be to tame an unruly mane into an updo. Face shape and Hair Type for this hairstyle: The hairstyle will suit on the women who have long face shape and lighter skin tone with medium to coarse hair type. Now for the best African American braided hairstyles for Teenagers that  look exclusively stunning check with this hairstyle in front of you. At the end take side part hair in front of your shoulder to show how much beautify style you have. The forehead section is filled from ear to ear with braid technique. For this reason, this is the best braided hairstyle for little kids and it doesn’t cause bruises and red marks as other hairstyles and will match with any outfit you pull with it. This method of braiding can be done easily on beautiful African hair. If you are really tall, you might look like a pinhead in this cut. Wait a second style is not end the reaming hair are braided and these are rolled up at the crown of your head.

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