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It's definitely statement to be a little jealous of, and it's not like everybody can have Mikey Kardashian as their stylist. Time to mix it up! : These are great tips for African American hair, including how to use a straightening comb, and a series of handy steps showing how to use wraps to create some very chic styles. Help has arrived! How to Get Luscious Hair: These are some how-to’s on getting fun and flirty hair for summer. Take your everyday look to that special place with the guidance of an expert. How to Condition Long Hair: Imperative in taking care of your long locks - learn how to nurture and condition your signature long hair and keep it turning heads. There really are great ways to incorporate a perm into your hairstyle for some extra volume and oomph! How to Rid Yourself of a Bad Perm: And… on the flip side, if you have the aftermath of a perm gone wrong, then here’s how to make it all go away. Sexy Novella Hairstyle: This new and fun style is a great way to experiment. So many choices! Proper Use of a Flat Iron: For all you ladies out there looking to wield a flat iron like a light saber, this tutorial’s for you. I, for one, have always wanted to try teasing the crown of my hair. So glam and sexy! Cute Satin Headband Tutorial: Learn how to pull off this schoolgirl chic style that will have you giving off that innocent schoolgirl vibe. How to Bleach Hair: Ladies, here are some guidelines for how to professionally lighten your hair at home. Deciding what to pack on these adventures can be somewhat stressful, but if you follow the motto “less is more” you’ll never go wrong.Read More 🙂 Without further ado, - sorry, bad pun - we go! How to Style Your Hair Like Gwen Stefani: Let’s start with some fun celebs. ET: The Associated Press reports that the mandatory haircuts may be an unfounded rumor Straight from the Snapchat dispatch, we've got more breaking hair news. The bonus is that research and consumer reviews also tell manufacturers which products are in-demand so they’ll be easier to find in the future.Research the Latest Hair and Makeup TrendsInstead of reinventing the wheel, you can reinvent a look that was put together by a high-end stylist. How to Grow Out Your Bangs: Yep, it happens to the best of us - that awkward stage of trying to grow out bangs from an old haircut. Once out of the shower, part your hair in the middle using the pointy end of a comb.

It has everything from a sleek, blunt cut to a flirty side-sweep, while answering all your questions about how much maintenance each style takes to keep. Don’t forget the red lipstick! A Classic Bridal Updo Hairstyle: For all you brides-to-be out there, this is a clear guide to creating a classic bridal updo for your special day. Next, choose makeup colors that are complimentary with the season. It doesn’t just have to be an afterthought coming home from the gym. Look out, K-fed! : Make your hair tool of choice do double time by learning to curl your hair using your regular straightener.  But for many women of color, Myrie was the true winner of the night. WARNING: headbands may be addictive! How to Create a Pin-Up Do: This is a simple hairstyle tutorial for a rockabilly or pin-up look. Kim Kardashian West has a new haircut that's fun, sassy, and cool, and a bunch of other things you might want someone to say about your hair. : This will give you a serious rundown on what you can expect with a medium length hairstyle, along with all the options available to you. The goal is for this to look effortless, so those with coarse, curly hair may want to avoid, as it will require lots of styling. Asian fohawk hairstyle. Yow! How to Do a Faux Hawk: I mentioned Naima’s version of the faux hawk. Following her cut from yesterday, Kim Kardashian West just took an additional three inches off her hair. How to Get Emo Hair: Emo hair is everywhere, and it can actually be very versatile and feminine in the hands of the right stylist. Ponytails are no longer child’s play but can be an elegant alternative for a night on the town.

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Age appropriate hairstyle. ET: The BBC corrected its story to say that the haircut rule applies only to university students, not all North Korean men as originally stated. Be creative! Mix and match these tutorials, have fun and keep ’em guessing Softened PixieAnne HathawayA short cut is perfect for women who are on the move, says hairstylist Bridget Brager. Iron with a flatiron, concentrating on keeping your ends poker-straight for a strong edge.Related Stories:---, And we think Monday deserves a fair shake too, so we've saved our best deals -- not just of this year, ever -- for today

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