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Perfect for seniors or those with a lighter appetite. Served with French fries & housemade cole slaw Grilled Chicken & Pesto Pasta Penne pasta tossed with pesto alfredo sauce and topped with grilled marinated chicken & diced tomato. Whether you prefer it alongside corn beef or in a roll, this humble-but-delicious veggie seems to make its way into all the wintry classics. Served on a bed of red-skinned mashed potatoes with country gravy and seasonal vegetables Chicken Parmesan Tender boneless chicken breast, hand-breaded in a seasoned flour & panko, deep-fried then topped with Nonna's marinara and mozzarella cheese..Do something that will help preserve Your Creole Heritage so the future generations can stand proud to call themselves Creole as well.Do Your part to continue in the steps of Your Ancestors.Being proud to be Creole should be in deeds and not just talk.Let's get it together. If you have never tried bread pudding, this is the one that will make you a believer - it's 'awe'some! Chocolate Cream Pie Rich chocolate cream in a chocolate cookie crust. Taste, and adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper, if needed Complete dinners start with a cup of soup OR house salad served with a freshly baked cornbread muffin.

Slow-roasted with vegetables, herbs & spices and finished with beef gravy BBQ Pork Ribs Slow-cooked ribs slathered with our own BBQ sauce Thick sliced marinated tri-tip A great meal at a great price, served ala carte. Cubs' Tri-Tip Steak Dinner Marinated tri-tip steak served with mashed potatoes, country gravy and mixed vegetables. Cinnamon Apple French Toast Sticks Served with a sweet apple filling dip and syrup. Cubs' Grilled Cheese Sandwich Served with your choice of French fries or apples slices. There is nothing like it in the Whole Wide World.Our Louisiana Creole Ancestors have paved the way for Us to continue in their achievements.They have done so much for America , for the Black and White Races and more than enough for Our Society as a whole. Punk rock hairstyle men. Choose your favorite shake flavor: huckleberry, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cookies & cream OR make it a malt. Your choice of chocolate chunk or salted caramel crunch Sugar Bear's Lava Cake Warm, velvety chocolate brownie with a rich ganache center topped with powdered sugar, vanilla ice cream and Hershey's ® chocolate syrup. Served with penne pasta, Nonna's marinara and seasonal vegetables Housemade Meatloaf A special recipe of ground beef and seasoned housemade sausage.

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Chocolate Milk Apple, Cranberry, or Lemonade *Menu items that are cooked to order may be served raw or undercooked. Cubs' Penne Pasta Served with Nonna's marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese and garlic toast. They also try and bring cultural pride through our Jambalaya Clothing line that showcases Creole & Louisiana pride. Topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes. Start with soup or house salad and a cornbread muffin

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