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Joy Meachum can't help but comment: Joy Meachum: You clean up pretty good. : June, the tomboyish female host is usually shown to be very beautiful in a dress, aside from her usual t-shirt, shorts, and hoodie. There's no grand staircases in High School gymnasiums, so one would think that the real-life temptation to attempt this trope for a prom date is very hard to fight for a teenage girl. : Male example: Sheldon is known for his collection of Superhero shirts and when he has to be formal wears awful, multicolored suits. When she does the makeup hair and nice dress thing at Versailles, her husband is lost for words. Even her little sister and twin brother think she's incredibly hot, and Echo's date remarks that he's pleasantly surprised; he had no idea what she'd look like when she wasn't wearing a baggy sweatshirt. Suffice it to say the leather tunic and blue riding skirt she wears during her time in King's Landing suit her better. This also included voices from Lee Mack, playing such characters as the Plumber or the Gardener. Her last Doctor would have been speechless, but her current Doctor couldn't care less. This was followed by six of Barratt and Fielding's favourite episodes from the three series: "Party", "The Power of the Crimp", "The Nightmare of Milky Joe", "The Priest and the Beast", "The Legend of Old Gregg", and "Tundra". : Subverted to the point of parody in the episode "Stars & Stripes". Though she doesn't actually do so, Herrena the Henna-Haired Harridan, in , is implied to be the sort who would clean up well. Normally he wears ugly, unfashionable and clashing clothes in various shades of brown, but after finding confidence as an actor thanks to a Training Montage, he walks into the Nabootique with his hair neatly combed while wearing flattering black clothing and a dapper hat. All three of them! They're usually considered plain-looking, but once they put on a fancy dress, they will of course look really good. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Zack is persuaded to take tomboy Max out on a date. Of course, her usual look involves piercings and a mohawk, combined with a tough-as-nails attitude, so people are understandably a little startled. She is a powerful warrior who wears intimidating full plate armor, and when off duty, wears a simple black tank top and jeans and keeps her hair in a ponytail. did it in the episode "City of Walls and Secrets", with both Katara and Toph all dolled up and Aang stunned into blushing silence and a stumbling compliment before they had even left for the party.

The first has her descending the staircase - but the focus is more on her behaviour than her looks. In , Howard has a subtle moment of this in the series three episode The Chokes. When Penny forces him to get a better a suit he looks absolutely stunning, earning a Jaw Drop from Penny and whistles from the audience. Cut to the end; and     Anime & Manga  Daimakaicho Hagall from. The usually Oblivious to Love Corey looks love-struck when he sees her looking like a real girl for once. Though drawing heavily from their earlier material, the main story combined these elements into a new narrative.

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She is taken in as a maid by a high-class samurai clan, and when the eldest son falls for her, she has to clean up nicely to be accepted by her beau's family and prove who she truly is. In , Rose Campbell must go to a social event and is told one of her seven cousins will go with her. In an inversion of the trope, has the male lead follow the trope nearly to the letter at a charity ball. She's seen wearing dresses more frequently afterwards. It appears to be more important than actually training combat skills. Marie from , who goes from a smelly, scrawny girl to a beautiful young lady after Patsy helps her dress up for the prom. She was pulled off the streets by Mad Moxxi, earning room and board by slinging drinks in one of Moxxi's many bars. In this case it happens just before she's about to go to a party - overlapping with Beautiful All Along. "I'm a girl who likes black and I'm wearing !" : After Valerian is revealed as a female to the hero Galen, she appears at a social event in feminine garb, causing jaws to impact the floor, including Galen's. Bibbidi bobbidi boutique disney diva hairstyle. She does it again two seasons later in "Atonement." This time the gown is even more revealing, and Sheridan - who is deeply and openly in love with her by that point - has an even more pronounced reaction. Holly Hunter's character is a pilot and dispatcher who always dresses in dirty overalls. The prince gradually catches on and at the end, he doesn't even ask about the spoon, already knowing why she carries it. The TV adaptation even throws in the Grand Staircase Entrance bit for good measure. This was roughly the plan, since said nutjob happens to be Gau's father, who went crazy after his wife died giving birth to Gau. Kennedy to like her better in her usual tomboy / Perky Goth attire, but. Flynn's face when he sees the final result has the name of this trope written all over it. : One episode has Ginger being forced to impersonate Courtney Grippling and so gets a makeover. Buttercup starts out as incredibly pretty anyway but moves up to Number One in the "Most Beautiful in the World" Chart when she decides to clean herself up, "unearth the territory behind her ears," and comb her hair. No one recognizes her, but Sanae Dekomori in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions actually turns out to be pretty good-looking when she has her hair down and acts like a normal person

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