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Although he cannot physically do much, he is still an important figure in the events of the killing game. Cherna's favorite pastime seems to be nibbling on her gigantic sunflower seed, which is apparently part of her costume, so it won't exactly run out. Flowerinher Hair: Her hair are intertwined with rose vines. French bob hairstyle. She doesn't like being yelled at, or mean people in general, but despite her adorable looks, she can be ruthless when ordered to, and won't hesitate to do whatever Pukin wants. Both are good-hearted girls who are intensely traumatized by their experiences. Blade on a Stick: Has a halberd as her weapon of choice. Disney Death: She's thought to have died in the control room when Shufflin attacked, but she's saved by Frederica just in time, allowing her to return at the end. Cute and Psycho: Looks adorable, but is a serial killer who will not hesitate to murder, and even delights in such with a smile. Soccer player hairstyle 2015. Leather jackets, often embroidered with club/gang logos, and even full leather suits are also seen as common elements of the look. Though the girl seemed completely fine being a nobody, Nemurin encourages her to actually become the monarch. She chose her Magical Girl name, Ripple, by translating her last name, Sazanami, into English. Card-Carrying Villain: openly embraces her position as a villain. A hit with the hammer generates a large earthquake-level tremor that's strong enough to stun Magical Girls. Short hairstyle ideas for weddings. Unconventional, but it's as effective as any other weapon when Pechika gets around to bashing monsters. In the anime, she gets a bit more characterization, but still perishes relatively quickly. Robo Speak: In the novels and the manga, speaks in a robotic monotone accent. Cute Witch: Koyuki notes more than once that she looks more like a witch than a magical girl. Gamer Chick: She's an avid gamer, which is the focus of one of the side-stories. As a bounty hunter, she is totally merciless to her enemies. Come a year later, she's hunting down any of Cranberry's supporters, Pythie included. Bloody Murder: Her blood can turn into any sort of liquid, including irritants and explosive kinds. Senseless Sacrifice: It's too bad saving Sister Nana from danger is meaningless, because she hangs herself not long after losing Weiss.

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Hard Light: Her rainbows are made out of light, but they're still physical enough to allow people to walk on them. Not only that, but she can also erupt fire from her own body as well. If she takes two different objects that are visually unseen by anyone, she can switch them. The more she gets hit, the stronger she'll become physically.

The Sociopath: When Ripple and Top Speed begin to escape from her attack, she instead takes to sniping cars and civilians on a nearby highway, all for the purpose of attracting a Magical Girl to kill

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