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Hairstyle twisties. Roaring 20's hairstyle. Kardashian mother hairstyle. We were like, we're in Las Vegas, we go to work at one in the afternoon, and we gotta be done by six at night. I mean, guys who say "Oh, it's really tough, my character is really suffering" - come on. Because I've been there and I've met all the players, and I guarantee you the pundits haven't.[on what makes a man stylish] For me, a sense of humor is number one. Flat tops and pompadours are good options.” Dejoode says: “A square shaped cut with weight in the corners looks great. Louis Film Critics Association, USBest DirectorGood Night, and Good Luck. One look for men which was executed with style by some and in the worst way possible by others was the goatee. Steven was editing all night.You got to think of things at their worst, not at their best.

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Somehow you find a way to talk and maybe-all that stuff. Russell had yelled and derided a few extras out of frustration and Clooney didn't appreciate it. And that's not to say people don't treat people badly in this business. What happens is, you get a modicum of success, and then it becomes about the strangest shit you've ever seen. When I was growing up there were three networks - three news shows, delivering the same information. I sold men's suits and shoes and worked in stockrooms of department stores, and I cut tobacco when it was the season. When he got up and started to talk about his dad, he saw us and started sobbing. We were like, it's never going to be better than this. The thing is, it took "Batman & Robin" to get to the point where I am now. He [director Steven Soderbergh] was in hell because it was a really complicated film to put together.

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Most of the films I've done haven't done particularly well. I wrote him a letter and said, "Look, I don't know why you do this. I watched it and, of course, he's perfect in the role, better than I would have been

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