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You will need a volumizing mousse to boost your hair and for extra hold you can rub a tiny bit of wax onto your fingertips and work through to the ends. You may also need some anti-frizz like Argan Oil which helps to smooth the hair and give it a nice shine. This is literally a low maintenance cut for any type of hair. This has a tight back and sides and the look is sharp but also has solid volume on the crown. Britpop Crop Choppy Sexy Cool This is quite a seductive unkempt style and you need to prepare dry hair with a light texturizing lotion. It works best with darkish hair rather than blonde as its more distinct, but no matter what color your hair the Superman look is still a winner.

It’s a modern attractive look for men and is definitely in for the next year or so. You will need a bit of height that will lengthen your face if you have a round or square shaped face. - L'Etna ei suoi "dicchi"Nuovi studi sul vulcano, : "Dalle fessure dell'Etna nuove spie. The sides are very short and this is classed as a skin fade which means that the hair pretty much disappears into the hairline. The top should be taken quite high around the crown area and then left looking chunky so it creates an almost solid block effect. The Superman Haircut Curly/Wavy Hair Cuts Usually short at the sides and then a bit square on top is how this one works. This look is excellent for men who have naturally curly of wavy hair as this hairstyle is all about showing off the movement in the cut. Spiked Hair Short Back And Sides You can have a design that is as unique as you are as these cuts will work for every hair type You can have curly or straight hair and the most classic one is the short back and sides with a bit longer on top. You can add a little quiff you wish or not but it is a nice neat haircut that works for quite a few men. You can also create instant texture with some chunky point cutting. Use with gel and style with your fingers for the finish. The weight line is quite heavy and has been created by using the clipper over comb technique. You will need to prepare damp hair and with a smoothing lotion then blow dry with a vent brush. Your sideburns can be as short or as long as you wish. Next blow dry your hair with a vent brush for a controlled finish. Run your fingers through the crown and fringe area and finish with hairspray. You can try some variations on the bun such as letting a few strands loose at the front to add a bit more softness. You don’t even have to use styling products unless you just want a light touch of wax to spike up the hair at the front. Kid bob hairstyle. You can add a bit of color to this style which would set yourself apart from the crowd this season. Short Back And Sides The Crewcut This is the all American hair cut. Slicked Back Spiked Hair Originally spiked hair came from a military inspired look that had a boxy flat top. The hair is cut short all over with a bit of extra length on the forehead.

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The sides and back can be a bit shorter or longer depending on what you like. The Contrast Weight Line These haircuts are a bit extreme and need length on top. With the styling products once you find a product that’s suitable just rub it through your hands and work it through it. Smart Style This is a tailored haircut that blends longer lengths across the sides and top to keep you looking smart. This is the cut of rebels, think James Dean, Morissey, Johnny Cash and of course Elvis. It is a great way to style longer hair as it creates light separation with a choppy fringe. All you do is then use a bit of styling cream on top and away you go. If you're able to read IPA you'll find a more accurate pronunciation in the "Pronunciation" column on the right Men never really stray away from their chosen hairstyles or haircuts. Use a defining style cream and let it dry naturally. You can also give it a little tousle to rough it up a little Search for a book, article, website, film, or enter the information yourself

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