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Pitt also appeared in a photo with British band Royal Blood, though that photo is free from clandestine celebs.While Pitt was there for pleasure, E! News notes that Cooper was there for a bit of business, as well.

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View conversation Replying to @TheEllenShow This is the most epic selfie of alllll time 🤳🏽😜💞 View conversation Replying to @TheEllenShow… Y'all rt to get him off twitter View conversation Replying to @TheEllenShow We get it. While both Simmons and Pitt appear out of focus and completely unaware, it's clear that Cooper knows exactly what he's doing."When you get your photo with Brad Pitt photobombed by Bradley Cooper!" Simmons wrote on his Instagram. He was taking photos backstage with musician Chris Simmons when Cooper appeared in the background, a knowing smile on his face. Celebrity News Advertisement - Continue Reading Below JFK's Granddaughter Gets Married Photogenic human Bradley Cooper made a covert appearance in an A-list celeb selfie over the weekend, giving amateur photographers everywhere another reason to check out the background of their photos after clicking that virtual shutter. View conversation Replying to @seanmcginnis @TheEllenShow It's ok - you get one free pass a week. View conversation Replying to @TheEllenShow View conversation Replying to @carterjwm @TheEllenShow Can't wait to see being the most Rted tweet ever. While he was attending the fest, he crashed Kris Kristofferson's set to film a scene for his latest flick, A Star is Born, starring Lady Gaga @TheEllenShow View conversation Replying to @istandground @TheEllenShow View conversation Replying to @ComedyCentralPL @TheEllenShow @ComedyCentralPL @TheEllenShow I'm not a jelly monster dude. View conversation Replying to @JessLHutton @TheEllenShow Clearly.

Some kid is trying to steal Ellen's retweet record for a chance at a year supply of nuggets. E! News reports that at the Glastonbury music festival.Just like any other fan - albeit one with a bit of VIP access - Pitt was at the festival to enjoy the musical acts. Dead locks hairstyle. View conversation Replying to @TheEllenShow يلعنم المتابعين 😕 View conversation His father, Charles John Cooper, who was of Irish descent, was a stockbroker An actor, Bradley Cooper is most widely recognized for his work on television and in films including, “Alias”, “The Hangover”, “Wedding Crashers”, and “The A-Team”.

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