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Kim Kardashian Lace Braids Inspired by one of Kim Kardashian's braided looks, Alexsis Mae came up with this cute lace-braid tutorial. Dutch Side Mermaid Braid Combine a Dutch braid with a three-strand braid, and you get this Dutch side mermaid braid. Check out The Shine Project for DIY instructions and variations on the look. French Braid Chignon You won't believe how easy this romantic updo is, and your friends won't believe you did it yourself. Bottom Line: I would recommend this to a friend! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Delicate Bracelet It wears well. Half-Up and Half-Out Braid This style is the perfect combination of romantic and edgy. Perhaps practice on a friend before attempting it on your own head. If so, this is the ground for the Infinity amplifiers , and it must be attached to the braided strap and the replacement receiver's ground wire Customer Ratings and Reviews ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Gold over silver braided bracelet Lovely both sporty and dressy. These boxer braids will keep your tresses out of the way when you're on a roll. I have had many compliments on this bracelet every time I wear it. Dutch Braids and a Bun Updo Don't shy away from this updo just because it looks complicated; we assure you it's not out of reach.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Like the color and flexibility the clasp is not easy to use as it,s hard to put your finger and grasp the pivot lock. Dutch-Braid Ponytail Instead of finishing your Dutch braids with a bun or a loose braid, you can, of course, end with a ponytail. You won't get very far through this list without being able to do a French braid. Romantic Boho Lace-Braid Updo This messy updo combines a single lace braid and a messy bun.

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Zipper Braid with a Big Bun Embellish your topknots with a little French braid up the back. Before you continue with this list, make sure you are comfortable with this braiding basic. Amber of Barefoot Blonde's ponytail is low and textured, but feel free to mix it up to suit your style. Plus, it's not nearly as complicated as it appears; however, it could be tricky to do on yourself. Dutch Braid Faux Hawk This look is seriously rocker chic, and yes, it's just a messy, voluminous Dutch braid. They have a slightly different halo braid technique that's much more textured and loose. Christina of Hair Romance has the step-by-step instructions for getting this many-stranded braid. Plus, this style works on both long and short hair. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Disappointed Bracelet is not like pictured. Both exceeded my expectations--this one in particular draws compliments. You can tell Amber has done this a few times in her video tutorial. Christina of Hair Romance provided some helpful instructions if you're stumped. Note: It can be tricky to keep French fishtails tight as you're braiding, so it might take some practice. The vermeil is good quality, and the style is perfect for business wear into evening.  Bottom Line: I would recommend this to a friend! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Bev.  And they just don't make anything as well as they used to. Boxer French Braids Channel your inner Million Dollar Baby next time you hit the gym. French Braid Ponytail This pretty braided pony is great for a day at the office or a night out, especially when you're rocking day-two hair. The halo braid can get tricky when it comes to braiding behind your head, but the results are totally worth the struggle. Chunky French Fishtail Tutorial This chunky French fishtail looks gorgeous on Amber of Barefoot Blonde. Bottom Line: I would recommend this to a friend! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Love it very much. Voila! Tip: This style can also be done with a basic French braid. Bonus, Abby of Twist Me Pretty will show you how to take this simple daytime look to a braided side bun for night. You can keep your braids small and tight as she did, or pull them apart for a wider, messier look. Lace-Braided Bun This updo may look complicated, but it's just a sock bun with a lace braid. Ragnar lodbrok hairstyle. Instead of twisting your braids into a big chignon, cross them over each other at the nape of your neck, and pin in place. But after was released, everybody still wanted to duplicate princess Elsa's long soft braid. French Fishtail Braid The last variation we wanted to include in our comprehensive French braid guide was the French fishtail.

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Fat Halo Braid Put your Dutch-braiding skills to the test with this gorgeous braid tutorial. In fact, Missy keeps it pretty loose and soft in her instructional video. Then lace-braid the bottom half of your hair with the braid on the part. Back and better than ever, the all-new Halo Fishing Daylite II Series Casting Rods deliver professional driven performance - at a great price. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ I was underwhelmed when I received my order

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