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"They make your eyes look big and captivating." If you're going for a full-on sexy or glamorous look, use a full lash strip.

My 10 Best Lipstick Shades for Indian Bridal Makeup

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Put on a little more makeup than you would apply normally, more than you think you need, since the camera and lights will tone down your makeup."If you're doing your own makeup: Practice and take pictures before the big day. You can pick any of these to wear on your wedding day or even post wedding dinners and holidays since Indian brides transform completely after their wedding.thanks to bright makeup! I am sure you must have found many suitable options to make your wedding day and functions even more special I use only the best products, from the world’s top brands, along with cutting edge techniques that deliver a glamorous look that will give you the confidence and poise for any event. It is slightly darker and much bolder shade with strong warm undertones. Or purchase a Deluxe Custom kit by Carmen Cabrera Cosmetics for a small fee.We understand there is a timeline for your special day and we coordinate a basic schedule which helps you understand what to expect and helps plan your day. We can accommodate for smaller or larger parties onsite. If lips are very chapped, rub a warm, damp washcloth over them to remove dry skin. From formals to weddings, fashion modelling to public appearances, I will ensure that you attain the perfect look every time. Highlight the cupid's bow with a pearly eyeshadow or a creamy highlighter. Every bride should have a neutral lipstick especially when the eye and other face makeup is quite heavy. This is the most gorgeous plummy lipstick which looks very flattering on all Indian skin tones. You will also get recommendations for products to help you save money & time so you can get the most out of your purchase. Tantrum is a pink based red with micro shimmer, different from all the above mentioned options. So this was a list of some good red, pink, peach, brown, plummy and berry lipstick suggestions. Makeup can collect in the inner corners of your eyes, and you can use the q-tips to clean them out. Highlighting your cheek bones and applying a touch of colour on the lips will ensure you will look and feel amazing. Start with less, because it's easier to add more if you need it than having to remove excess makeup, which can get messy. Enjoy wedding planning and I will look forward to hearing from you soon. "It should be something very creamy and emollient - not necessarily oil-free, like you'll use on your face - so it doesn't get dry and cakey throughout the day," she says. However, for a more subtle look, use individual lashes. Korean hairstyle girl. "If it's a blemish, red spot, or broken capillaries, use an oil-free, pigmented, thicker concealer with hints of yellow," Alex says. Test foundations on your clavicle for a color match. I also work with the most amazing bridal hairdressers. It'll make your makeup go on smoother and last a lot longer. You still want it to look like you're wearing makeup-just not piles of it. Don't tug or squeeze to hard on the eyelash curler when in use. If you do decide to use a pencil, Alex suggests setting it with some powder so it'll stay longer.Regardless of which type of eyeliner you use, you'll want to make your lashes look thicker by filling in the roots of the lashes. It is has a very creamy and moisturizing texture and great for dry lips, along with being an excellent budget option. If you squeeze gently and lightly, you should be just fine. Bandana hairstyle. This is the perfect classic red shade, if you feel ruby woo slightly drying then this is the way to go. Be very careful while applying any eye makeup, especially mascara and eyeliner. If however you already have your own hairdresser, that is not a problem at all. This one is a very wearable shade of red, it is an orange based warm matte red and therefore looks amazing on Indian skin tones, and also is quite long lasting. This is a very unique shade, it is the perfect mix of brown, red and coral almost like earthy brick red if you shy away from bold reds, then go for this one and it comes at such a great price tag. Hiring an experienced professional artist for your most photographed day of your life, Is definitely the right choice.I will make you feel and look amazing and beautiful on your special day. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Play Up Your Makeup for Photos "Another general rule for brides," Alex says: "The camera will blow you out in photos. Creamy and glides easily and suits almost all Indian skin tones. My lessons are offered to a person in any age group, a person who would like to look beautiful perhaps by looking just a little fresher and younger or a person who would like to look more glamorous and sexy. "Once you apply it, it lasts all day line - seriously, it really won't budge! A pencil can sometimes disappear - it has an oily, wax-y texture that can migrate down your skin." Because cake liner is dry, you'll need a little bit of water to activate it - aim for a shoe- polish consistency. Make sure none of the lipstick gets smeared on your teeth or on the surrounding skin of the face. Scene hairstyle for girls. Do not apply eyeliner thickly and around the whole eye.

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However, I will create any look that you feel the most confident wearing. Then, after you moisturize and before you put on your foundation, there's a really important step - primer. Mac Retro is a peachy brown shade which looks great on medium to dusky skin tones as well, and does not look washed out in pictures

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