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It is achieved by carefully dyeing the lower and under part of your hair.

9 Best Hair Straightening Brush Models | Expert Reviews

Two rectangular brushes facing each other These are similar to the metal or ceramic plates found in flat irons. The only caveat to using this model of straightening brush is that you need to use it with a blow dryer or other heating tool.

Undercut Hairstyle | Haircuts and Hairstyles for Undercut Men

This will add your hair even more volume and give you a fresh and new look. Undercut bob hairstyle. A little goes along way and it adds volume, hold and shine without build up or flaking.Best Face Shape & Hair Texture:Finer straight hair is perfect for this cut and color. Get your platinum hair cut into a casual basic bob and slightly curl it so that the hair at the front gracefully frames your face. Great examples include textured crops, shags, or high fades with fringes. You can also get a look with clean sides that's longer on top Luscious LayersThis style incorporates beautiful long length with long layers and curls that soften the angles of a square face. Tuck one side behind your ear and you’re ready to go!Recommended Products:For hold that is still touchable and soft, try Pravana’s Curve. Easy and hassle free, this golden pixie cut with soft spikes can sure make you look as young as you feel at heart. Make sure to brush it regularly in order to avoid a messy look. Auburn Round Bob With Fringes And Bangs Image: iStockVery offbeat and utterly refreshing. Short Crop With Highlights Casual and inspired by high street fashion, this tousled and cropped hairstyle is very fashionable. This style works best on straightened or relaxed hair. A great look would be a clean fade along the sides with longer hair on top. Tyga hairstyle. Hairstyle for girls with big foreheads.  If you do want to try the Conair we’d say that it’s best for medium thickness and wavy hair, or at a lower setting on fine hair. You can also add extensions into the cornrows to add length.

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Add layers that go from your ears down to the ends. You can also blow dry your hair so that the ends flip out slightly for some movement. This is one hairstyle that any woman can go for, irrespective of her age. Hair straightening brushes helps you achieve silky, smooth hair just like a standard hair straightener or flat iron but without the damage. This hassle-free hairdo comprises of a sleek blond bob with a side partition. Once hair is completely dry, plug in your ¾ inch curling iron or curling wand. Motorized rotating barrel hair straightening iron brushes The best motorized rotating barrel straightening iron brushes: If you have frizzy, unruly hair, a hair straightening brush may help you tame it and make it more manageable. Go for this sleek straight bob for an air of sophistication and charm. Make the bangs short enough not to get into your eyes. White Round Bob With Bangs For the ladies who want to wear their age gracefully, this round bob hairdo is one of the best options. Using your hands, loosen twists and gently comb through with a wide tooth comb.Recommended Products:The key to this look is having a hairspray that won’t be too stiff, but still gives you great hold. If you have bangs and long hair, try a high ponytail or bun.  Their latest baby is the Diamond Heated Smoothing Brush. To enhance the look even more, opt for side swept bangs that will gracefully fall on your forehead, taking away years from your age. Give it an offbeat touch by curling the edges outwards instead of inwards. Work with varying lengths if you want something more masculine. An ombre splash can only be a trusted to a professional. Mildly teased and tousled, this hairstyle is sure to make you feel carefree and chic. Take some time to consider the color of your new bob. For a more versatile style, keep the lines clean on your hairline, and leave the top part a few inches/centimeters long so that you can style it.

Separate the crown and front of hair and secure with clips. By keeping your hair length around the ears and in back you can soften your neck and shoulder areas that start to look drawn with age.

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