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As you’re done with hair drying use a big toothed comb to make your hair, apply hair product on scalp to lubricate it then on top apply few volumes of hair product. Apply long beaded earrings in white if your outfit has white color to blend perfect. When she makes her hair at the back it really touches the shoulders thus making her wear the best medium brown hairstyle up to date. With a pair of scissors and a small comb, push hair from top coming down the neck. You can be having your hair long to touch shoulders and feel you want it to look wavy with a simple bang that makes your forehead clear off hair but at the same time keep your looks decent. When hair is dry remove rollers and apply hair product on scalp and a few amounts on top, using a small comb push waves on your hair and towards the ends use the end tail of comb to make it looks forward and back to look fashionable. As a way of making their natural hair look beautiful they add color highlights on few areas of their hair to make it look nice. Using black braid threads she joined with small volumes of her hair to come up with medium length cornrows. You apply color on your entire hair at home with someone helping you out that’s if you have the necessary kits with you at home but if you’re not certain it will come out perfect when applied from home then visit saloon for a hair do. First your natural hair will be done with cornrows on medium size, let’s assume those cornrows are going round your head for perfect fixing of the weave. For this medium length hair she pulled it on straight weave featuring black. For cases where you know exactly which particular color that blends with you then you work closely with your hair professional for positive results. For cases where your natural hair has been relaxed, and applied with blonde, all hair is washed clean and using big rollers ,small amounts of hair is picked rolled over and secured with small pin. This length of hair is desired by African American women of all makes because it allows you to pull numerous hair designs on trend that keeps you looking cute in any way possible. BEST MEDIUM HAIRSTYLE PARTED IN THE MIDDLE BLACK WOMEN For some black women out there are fun of medium wavy hair and as a way of adding style to this hairstyle, hair is parted on either sides from the middle section. BEST MEDIUM STRAIGHT HAIRSTYLE WITH BLUE BLACK WOMEN Some black women don’t want to color all hair and feel comfortable applying with in color highlights on few amounts for their hair to look cute. At the front pull a mini bang above eyes covering half of your face. BEST MEDIUM DREAD HAIRSTYLE BLACK WOMEN Their those African American fun’s of dread hairstyles that want to look that different , and in achieving their goals some go for colored dreads. This hairstyle looks great to African American women from twenties, thirties and forties. And I think that's all that anyone really wants at the end of the day, they want their words to mean something and they want to feel something. But there some African American women that relax their natural hair long to shoulder length and in a way of creating style, all hair is pushed from the left hand side towards the right straight with a bit of volume. When you’re done putt rollers off, apply hair product on scalp like castor oil the pick small volumes of product to apply on top. Assuming you have shampooed’ your hair, and you want to apply rollers to your hair then sit under drier to dry it off. The next step is to add nutrient hair product to your hair like conditioner for strength and body to your natural hair. From the start of start of the right hand side push hair going left around the mid section then below push it straight going forward , at the ends push hair inwards towards the neck. Playing a major part of her look is the singer's hair, which she calls "a part of my set." And, as Pantene's spokesmodel, she relies on the brand for those bombshell curls that move so breezily when they hit the wind machine on stage, they rival Beyoncé's. Apply a decent hair accessory to hold hair around the puff like; a stretchy round puff holder in black to make hair neat and less look like your natural hair. This hairstyle can be done on natural hair or weave which ever seems convenient for you, and goes well with all faces shape and skin complexion of African American women. BEST MEDIUM HAIRSTYLE HEART FACES BLACK WOMEN Look cute with medium hairstyle for heart faces with women from twenties, thirties, forties and fifties when you add few blonde highlights to your natural hair pushed with waves. For this point hair has to have more volume compared to other sections because it has to be raised up for a bob shape.

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You’re free to comb it wavy, curly or straight as your heart leads you. Barbie doll hairstyle games. When you remove rollers you don’t comb waves off but pin hair within to fix these waves. Now they can look at me and they can say 'Oh my gosh, she went through that, I can do it.' I want them to feel enlightened and empowered when they leave the show -- I want them to have fun, too -- but that's what I feel. On a clean scalp you make cornrows that cover your whole head, right on top of cornrows up add the blonde curly weave using sowing braid threads colored as your hair. We also included tip on maintaining and caring for you braided hair to keep it healthy, smooth and shiny. Leave out small part of your natural hair at the front to be done with mini cornrow to fix the hairpiece. Its side swept style is a true touch of style and a clear sign of being trendy. BEST MEDIUM HAIRSTYLE FOR LONG FACES BLACK WOMEN When you’re able to tell which category your face shape falls, is the first step to wearing perfect hairstyle. BEST MEDIUM BROWN CURLY HAIRSTYLE BLACK WOMEN There some black women out there who might be admiring queen Latifah’s shows and what really take you to watch her educative shows is to also check her hairstyle. Now for this black woman has an oval face shape, she fell for combing her hair in two forms. Sit under drier and set time depending on the volume of your hair. For black hair to grow this long one has to apply a weave or to relax it to grow longer then apply blonde dye to it.

First use a big bristled comb to push hair straight, and on top of hair for that shinny look you want apply small amount of product on top. For the lady featuring in the image has a long face and has a light skin tone, she went in for small boxes that are done half way of hairs then the rest of the weave is maintained with curls. For the rest of hair on the same side, push it straight going down. This medium hairstyle for black women up here defines any young woman out there; it can be made on natural hair and on weave. On the left hand side hair is pushed straight going down and at the very point where this side starts your natural hair will sit on top of weave. For the back of neck she put very short pieces and went on increasing length going upwards. You go ahead and take a rinse of your hair with particular shampoo meant for your hair. This hairstyle can be done on natural hair, on weave or applying human wig for the better

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