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Tweek's dad's coffee shop is threatened by the imminent arrival of a Starbucks-esque chain, and he conscripts the kids into encouraging the town to prevent this. Parodied mercilessly in with their "John and Peter" sketches. The Morganites of operate as a collective of businesses under their leader who is, by default, titled CEO. Growing out short hairstyle ideas. Subverted in where Saito may be willing to use corporate espionage and screw with his business opponent's mind, but he's a man of honor through and through. Everyone at the Unexploited Land Development Corporation in is this, especially the high-level executives like Iwabuchi who are willing to order people's deaths to maintain their position and stay out of prison.

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He starts developing the protagonist's time machine as a weapon, destroys the future, refuses to not destroy the future for some reason, and eventually just starts shooting people in the Revolutionary War. Unomondo, who controls powerful business interests in Central and South America, funds Banana Republics and death squads, and is the Big Bad behind a neo-Nazi conspiracy with sympathisers in the US Government itself. Nope, it's a Subverted Trope: Masrani is indeed an Honest Corporate Executive. has Dylan Gould, who willingly helps the Decepticons. The classic Marvel Universe version is the Roxxon Energy Corporation, a corporation whose management is perfectly willing, even eager, to use any underhanded and/or criminal tactics to secure its profits. Not only does no-one mourn her once she's assassinated, her company's stock goes.

: In "Virtual Future", David Warner played Bill Trenton, a Research, Inc.'s evil CEO. In Hoskins is convinced that Masrani is one of these. There's also Frank Sobotka, who is a corrupt labor union official/harbor foreman. Bob Page is 's Corrupt Corporate Executive Villain with Good Publicity, taking deeper. Men mohawk hairstyle.

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It's a game where you play bomb-throwing anarchist teenagers who are out to upend a Dystopia that has it out for them personally. Cindy lou who hairstyle. The "corporations" they represent are not major multinational conglomerates, but small businesses like trucking companies, hotels, or other "mom and pop" ventures that simply want their competitors out of action. Keyworth admitted to leaking information but refused to resign after the board passed a resolution calling for his resignation. Their current CEO, Dario Agger, is a recurring Thor antagonist who runs the place like a nation state / religion, is working with Dark Elves so he can invade other for their oil, and occasionally turns into a minotaur. ExoGeni Corp is in charge of the colony on Feros where it conducts experiments on the colonists, allowing the telepathic Thorian creature to exercise its control over them so its researchers can observe the effects. Newman King, founder and CEO of the eponymous retail chain of Bentley Little's. The main story arc involves GalSpan moving into the Bora area of space in order to claim its resource-rich asteroids. In Sebastian Faulks' A Week In December, John Veals may qualify, given that he's only out to make as much money as possible and to do it legally - ethics aside. He starts by "magnaminously" creating the artificial island of Zenovia as a refuge for people trying to escape Manhattan's skyrocketing crime rate. In that same scene, he has Arthur and Cobb cornered, but he still gives them the to work for him or walk away instead of blackmailing them as you would expect from any other corporate hack in movies these days. Chief Blank from is a loon who'll do anything to get high ratings, including brainwash the masses. While not instrinsically evil like the Korx, the faction be played as amorally as you, the CEO, desire

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