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: Rei Asaka/Hana No Saint Juste is this trope played straight. Her lesbianism is only revealed by a single line, though. Catherine's girlfriend Roxy, despite being long-haired, epitomizes this with her unpleasant and menacing demeanour. She's a magical metal-smith, fit, and an outright Action Girl. : Snoop, who wears men's clothing, has a gravelly voice, and is generally masculine enough that some viewers took a while to realise she was female.

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Juhani and her girlfriend Belaya from , mostly due to unfortunate character models. : This is the stereotype of the entire Black Furies clan of werewolves. The little patch of hair that grows in front of the ears. Undyne from is a Hot-Blooded Action Girl who doesn't do anything without making it extreme, engages in Toilet Humor, is the head of the Royal Guard, and yep, she likes the ladies. Japanese princess hairstyle. "We came from Spanish Harlem", recalls the group's veteran lead singer, Veronica "Ronnie" Spector, in a Village Voice interview. Similarly, the player can build Hawke from like this, and her default appearance can be considered to be rather butch in comparison to Isabela and Merrill.


In , DEO Agent Alex Danvers is tough-as-nails and violent, wears her hair in a short, chin-length bob, and if she's not wearing tactical gear, she's wearing black leather jackets, flannel, and jeans. features a group of rowdy, fightin' lesbians who associate with a group of Camp Gay men. Her Love Interest, Krista, is petite and exceptionally feminine in comparison. In official art she is full bifauxnen mode, with shorter hair and masculine attire, however she has yet to cut her hair in the comics. Her cousins nicknamed her butch as a kid, a nickname she loved even before she knew what it really meant. Maggie's aunt Vicki Glori is very sensitive about people assuming she's a Butch Lesbian because of her hairstyle, physique, and profession as a wrestler. Boy dreads hairstyle.

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After Rocky gets pregnant with Carly's child, she's rather annoyed that the resulting hormones are causing her to grow breasts, making for probably the first example of D-Cup Distress in a character who doesn't even rate an A-cup.

When Meg tries to come out as a lesbian, she is seranaded by a barbershop quartet of Butch Lesbians all of whom are voiced by men, and one in particular has such as deep bass voice it woul have made Barry White sound soprano. Christine Royce from , who is also Veronica Santangelo's ex. It's hard to get more butch than turning into construction equipment. The top is rounded to the general contour of the head. Many characters in , including the protagonist Jess. One of the COs even explicitly calls her this trope, with great distaste. depictsSappho as a butch lesbian, based on a description of her as "small and dark". The sides and back are cut same as a "Buzz" or crewcut. Her traits are more apparent by contrast with her more "femme" love interests, especially Faziya the healer. In a Older Than Feudalism example, in one of Dialogues of the Courtesans by Lucian of Samosata, one of the courtesans, Lena, is explicitly seduced by a woman who reveals herself as a bald, masculine lesbian named Megilla who refers to herself as a boy and has already "married" a matron. She seems to be in high demand given her many conquests throughout the show.     Video Games  Abigail "Abbey" Black of , though it bears mentioning that she is explicitly stated to have romantic feelings for Jones, and her butch lesbianism therefore might be more of a means to push people away

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