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Only has big minus:it is very strong Many Moons ago I wore this all the time and loved it. Just like savoring a really rich delicacy, one may do well to have this also in moderation. I love this as an evening perfume but it is becoming increasingly hard to find. Clean, elegant and seductive without trying hard on the vulgar approach. Carolina Herrera, like jasmine, is a night fragrance. Maybe it's weird, different.,,might be good if you're looking for some really heavy stuff. Very wonderful smell, strong at the beginning and than idyllic one. Proceeded to drive home with my arm out the window, but the fragrance kept getting stronger!! Thats when I caught myself visualizing this HUGE mastodon behind my pickup, head down, shoving me up the highway. Creation, which is much cheaper, is much more complex and although it starts in a way somehow close to Carolina Herrera, it does evolve into a sexy, very animalic drydown. I like to wear Carolina Herrera the same way that I like to occasionally wear a vintage dress that used to belong to my grandmother when she was much younger: to evoke a classic, stylish sensuality and femininity. Both monstrous and shrill, it was overconfident where it should have been self-conscious. Luckily on my left arm! Then hopped on into the truck and WHOOAAA.was this ever potent. Sticks on you and it doesn't take much so it lasts forever.

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Recall that she used to carry an amulet of Billy Bob Thorton's blood around her neck, in addition to engaging in plenty of public displays of lustiness. Powerful, bold, sexy, but too much can be nauseating for certain. but, do enjoy every intense moment! Deep, intense, misterious. It has a pencil skirt, peplum jacket and the mink collar is TO DIE FOR!!! CH suits it down to the ground. I have not smelled this in years but it's full of memories. I know it must be very floral, since that's what my mom likes to wear. I get pure flower gardens crammed with sweet white flowers and ripe honeysuckle. Then the civet creeps in and makes me very uneasy, as the perfume takes on an extremely animalic turn for the worst, only to be redeemed by a soft and ladylike blend of peach and honeysuckle. This might have smelled better to me in times past, but by now I have been spoiled by the likes of FRACAS, BLONDE, and my latest tuberose acquisition, Miller Harris NOIX DE TUBEREUSE, all of which are much more wearable by me. I love wearing Acqua di Gio for college in the morning and then Carolina Herrera when I go out at night that same day. Princess hairstyle games. It clings to her clothes--even hanging in the closet, and my children recognise it as "Grandma's scent." It is huge--like an alarm or a siren-- an overpoweringly sweet and insistent floral, but somehow artificial and unnatural. While the first one is fresh, lovely and casual, this one really does make a statement. This features a kind of jasmine very tipical of Spain and Portugal, Azores, more exactly. But if one does not like the scent, this is not a good thing, because it can be seen as too much, as I see it in fact, as something eventually as embarassing as body odour. The final scent still depends of other ingredients -could be fantastic and could be almost cloying sometimes. This is a very rounded fragrance with the exception of a sharp metallic tangy edge that persists the entire wear. Definately a winter perfume, which lasts very long and a tiny drop is enough to make your clothes smell for long. Somewhat reminded me of Spellbound EL, without the finesse, even dissonant, as if all the flowers were too loud.

Carolina Herrera encapsules perfect abstract for modern elegance without the expensive dresses and night at the opera. Sandalwood and oakmoss used to be stronger in the original version. rich floral through and through, and not ashamed of it, but don't get me wrong, it's not loud, in fact, it's the opposite of loud, it's elegant and dressy. I've had more compliments on this one perfume than all my others put together, and from people of both sexes and all ages. Of course, the view from the rear kept popping into my mind. get EVERYTHING!" I've just being reading through the reviews on this one. Om du sprejar dina kläder eller jacka så doftar de underbar i många dagar. i don't know what it is, but lately anything with cedar in it just smells stuffy and sickening to me, especially when combined with vetiver, which i usually like.

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It's sexy, classic, unbelievably floral and intense

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