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One thing to note: If you have curly hair, this style's probably not for you. You can also use extensions to add length to your hair. If you like to wear your hair down, give it a side part. It does require a fair amount of product, however, so maybe steer clear of this one during the summer if you sweat a lot. Otherwise, simply ask for around two inches on top and about an inch on this sides, and then slick it back and to the side while it's wet with some high-hold pomade. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below John Legend A similar option-and one that will accommodate more head shapes-is to go for a slightly squarer cut by fading it higher on the sides.

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No maintenance, no muss, no product to worry about. For a more versatile style, keep the back and sides short, and the top a few inches/centimeters long. If you want, you can do a low ponytail and add waves to it with a curling iron. For the cut, ask your barber to go shorter on the sides, with layered length on top. Avoid fringes and bangs, though, as they can make your face look rounder and less defined. Beyonce hairstyle 2015. You can also add extensions into the cornrows to add length. Once it's partially dry, run your fingers through it to break it up a bit Choosing a Style Based on Face Shape and Hair Type Avoid cuts with sharp edges on the top and sides. Basically, it's a similar cut-a bit longer and layered on top, with a fade down the sides and back-you just don't have to do as much in terms of styling. Choose something that reaches anywhere from your mid-neck to mid-back. For a more versatile style, keep the lines clean on your hairline, and leave the top part a few inches/centimeters long so that you can style it. For example, you keep your hair long enough to pull into a ponytail.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below David Beckham As far as short hairstyles go, this one is a bit higher maintenance-but it's worth it. Try a shoulder-length cut with layers between your chin and collarbone. The biggest issue is keeping that volume in the front. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Nikolaj Coster-Waldau For guys with straighter hair who don't want their hair too short-i.e. Two ponytails hairstyle. Ones that work really well for men are: brush backs, mid-fades with pompadours, tapering fade with quiffs, and undercuts with comb overs. Bangs work better on straight hair, but you can still pull them off if your hair is curly. You can also try a short and spikey style or a long, textured comb over. Instead, try a loose ponytail and muss up the hair at your temples for added volume. Avoid styles that end at your jawline or higher, or your hair will frizz up. You can also blow dry your hair so that the ends flip out slightly for some movement

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