Clavicut hairstyle

"It helps maintain volume and thickness in fine, straight hair," says Speck. Go for caramel if you're brunette, pale gold if you're blonde, or copper if hair's red or auburn. Type of hairstyle. It Hasn't Met a Texture It Didn't Love The clavicut is a miracle length, stylists insist.

Angling and layering make this anti-mullet cut extremely fashion-forward and bring to perfection its unique androgynous look It's Got Just Enough Edge The newest spin is to wear the front slightly longer for a graduated angle that "adds a cool-girl kick," says DeCarlo. "But it's long enough so curly hair won't puff out as it would with a more traditional-length bob." And-from your lips to the hair gods' ears-it's not one of those cuts that requires a blowout to look hot. It Makes Hair Look Healthier As with any cut, you'll be lopping off at least a few inches of ratty ends.

50 Amazing and Awe-Inspiring Asymmetrical Bobs

"I hate to use the word , but I love the technique on this cut," says Angela Haight, a colorist at the Marie Robinson Salon in NYC. But the clavi is especially clutch when you're trying to grow out damaged front layers.

A Low-Maintenance Hairstyle That's Flattering on EVERYONE.

Play around with this benchmark for an optical illusion of sorts. A deep side part adds a bit of mysterious flair, and the darker underlayer conveys depth and drama to these adorable beach waves. The back pieces should rest on the nape of the neck, with the face-framing strands dipping an extra inch until they kiss the collarbone. Or rock it an inch above the collarbone, à la Emma Stone, for "an elongating effect on your whole body," says Speck. Best hairstyle for interview. Hairstyle for high school guys

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