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Gold remarks is because of magic that is within her, not because of his involvement in pegging her as the savior. Only then, Emma shares her regrets about bringing everyone to the Underworld, and because of this, she'll inevitably cause someone's death. When she confronts Liam, Hook believes she is villainizing his brother so he'll feel less guilty about his own actions, and that they still have a future together. After the real Snow receives help from Regina to decipher Mother Superior's clue, they narrow down the wand's location to the diner. Wave hairstyle. Gold released a Wraith upon town to destroy Regina. He explains that the ring symbolizes his survival nature, and now, he wants her to have it as a reminder that he loves her and is waiting for her return. She tries to charm him into staying, but Hook leaves. Consequentially, she also learns reviving the Dark One will cause the demise of whoever uses the key. Impressed by her speech, Hook forks over the bean, or so he makes it appear. Hairstyle for business. Tension fills the air when Emma blames Regina for the current dilemma, to which Henry intervenes.

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Gold after seeing a magic storm cloud above the Hotel D'or building. She senses David is hiding something about the strangers, but he feigns ignorance. After the Savior decides to stay in Storybrooke twenty-eight years later, at some point during the curse, Hook is on a sea journey, and remains unaware that Captain Nemo has snuck aboard his ship as a disguised crewman. As her former foster mother recalls something an apprentice once said, Emma concludes she is delusional and prepares to call Sheriff Graham. Upon seeing the letters "BB" engraved on the weapon she has, he realizes both the ship and Eric must've been taken by the pirate Black Beard. To break free, Emma smashes a tea cup with a pillow and uses one of the broken edges to cut out her way out. Robin fears Zelena will change her mind, even though Regina believes her sister is sincere, which Hook optimistically agrees with. After he is gone, Emma and Ruby exchange a curious look.

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While Nimue is choking Emma, Hook does nothing, until deciding to absorb all the darkness into himself. Later, in the apartment, Hook looks through the storybook for information about Dorothy's Auntie Em, who they need for waking a cursed Dorothy, but he finds nothing except that she died in Kansas. Gold guides her into casting a protection spell by explaining that magic is not an intellectual endeavor, but an emotion one. After Robin and Henry are sent to get it from the mayor's office, Emma discovers blood and follows it, but instead of Killian, she finds Hades' escaped prisoner Megara

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