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Le pagelle del GP di In arrivo oggi la di : disponibile da oggi, EA svela squadre, stadi e. If I had the chance to show this to the whole world, then I would had allready done it and they would understand who is the "real" and hopefully, change their opinion on him. is always a "one-man army", who always tries to keep his team a step better than others. I am constantly talking about to my friends and I have lost friends because they got annoyed of me talking about him. He is much better then Messi in the art of driblling, free kicks, taking penalty-kicks, or sprinting. He got the height, the jump, the skills, and above all, the shooting power. He is the perfect player, as he combines skill, power, technique, headers, passes. I'm sure that if they had the chance to spend a day with him, they would know who he really is. I think everyone should be happy that there's a player like him on Earth, so we can enjoy football more than ever. That's another team I started supporting just because of him and I will make sure that I will never ever forget him until I die. For example, his free-kicks, penalty-kicks, speed and the last but not the last, his dribbling, are all wonderful. I have been in many awkward situations were my home country England have played and hand on heart, my loyalty lies with , with the one and only ! Give me a clue on how we can meet Mr himself. The biggest reason is of course that he is such a great footballer, and his big love for football. Cristiano Ronaldo is my hero, my inspiration to play football. His ability to control the ball at such a speed is outstanding. I've been watching him since he was playing for Manchester United and my room is full of pictures of him, I follow him on Instagram and Facebook. is just the best, and even FIFA and their directors chose to support Barcelona, which is simply too bad. One of the reasons I like him is because he can score from every position. I will talk about that to my children and grandchildren. He is an amazing ball player, and isn't too bad in looks either. In the other hand, wherever goes, he will be the star, since he can play in any team and no matter how good or bad that team might be. Honestly, I am really tired of people who think that if you are a girl and support , you want to marry him. The Post-it notes is one of the many types of promotional products many companies use today because it is cheap and is very helpful for everyday use. This may seem like something that is obvious but if you are in a business that uses a lot of labels for things such as to organize items or mail things out, then it only makes sense to buy your self a label dispenser. He is the God of soccer, while his other rivals are not that good at all.

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Peope don't know the real they just comment about him and spread things that are not true. Grande fratello Vip, cacciate gli autori e lasciateci Serena GrandiDaniela Martani attacca Serena Grandi per la pelliccia fucsia. I also like his personality and charming attitudes, as well as his positive way of being, because he is the type of man who contributes to good causes in life, and he cares about making life easier for families and friends. I'm not a very good soccer player, but I'm doing my best to become like him in the future. He's original and he isn't arrogant contrairly to what people think. But man, you should have scored a goal against Barça, but still, you are the best player on this planet. For example, going to hospitals and seeing kids that are sick and then simply giving them a signed jersey. I will write it on my heart, even if I get blind, [Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro]. Mad men hairstyle. He makes all games more interesting, as he does things no one else can do. NO, I don't care at all, and I truly believe that I love him. Some people make fun of me loving Ronaldo, because they think I'm a girl and therefore I love his good looks and want to marry him. Unlike most English footballers, you can see his passion for the beautiful game. We should love him this season because he really did his best and really he's the best. I love to watch him play and hear all the great things about him. Well i don't know why humans don't seem to recognize good things when they see them. For me, he is incredible, magic and he is a legend! Cris means "Love to win and hate to lose", which is something that has helped me every time when I can't do something! I don't know why some people think he is arrogant and gay. And now she likes Cristiano Ronaldo too, and she donesn't think that he is gay anymore. No one can put up in words how good he is, because our minds can't simply understand the quality of his football. His work, and his contribution to social causes like donating blood and funds, just make me like him even more. His gameplay shows his sheer passion towards the game. It produces millions of copies of files each day world-wide. What makes me being so proud of Cristiano Ronaldo are his skills, dribbling, headers, running, style, fashion and the perfomances he has in every game he plays

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