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He's also very cute, but even if he wasn't, I would still love him. Sometimes, I like to imagine I actually know him, since that would make my days just perfect. Since his debut against Bolton, there hasn't been a moment after, where I have not appreciated his game. He is the perfect player, as he combines skill, power, technique, headers, passes. Then when I read he was going to Real Madrid, my Spanish team, I got soooo madly in love with, I was so 'over the moon".estatic. I make it a point to notice his hairdo till the last detail and try to set my hair in the same way. My dream is to meet him, even though I know that might not be easy to accomplish. I pray he becomes - not one of - but the greatest footballer ever. Barça, you can expect a true storm from Real Madrid next season. I think everyone should be happy that there's a player like him on Earth, so we can enjoy football more than ever. I think you became my role model and favorite player when you gave my dad two Portugal jerseys, one for me and the other for my brother, signed with: 'Para o Luis Jorge um abraço', then your wrote your signature. He is the God of soccer and not even Messi or his grandfather can be better than him. Fohawk hairstyle for men. It is amazing what he can do with a ball and how the zigzagging between defenders. So that when I wake up everyday, I get to see the face of my biggest hero, my only hero, my Diety. inspires/motivates me to be the best and that nothing is impossible. In my house, my brother and sister in-law have placed a Real Madrid flag lol I also checked their laptops and it's all packed with photos. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the Universe. Classic men hairstyle.

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I try to re-model my own game as similar as possible to. His work, and his contribution to social causes like donating blood and funds, just make me like him even more. It would be the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I think his first goal for the Red Devils has been from a free kick, against Portsmouth.

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If I had the chance to show this to the whole world, then I would had allready done it and they would understand who is the "real" and hopefully, change their opinion on him. But still, even having different carf muscles don't stop from flying higer then his opononents. Kpop undercut hairstyle. I also respect how you associate with your team mates, and I think it's particularly funny the way you bond with. He's amazing and that's it! I would do anything to talk and meet with him, or even to simply shake his hand. I'm a devoted Cristiano Ronaldo fan and love him so much because he is more than a footballer. No one can put up in words how good he is, because our minds can't simply understand the quality of his football. I don't care if he wins the FIFA Balon d'Or or not, because for me he is the best player in the World. He is fantastic in the air and has the ability to score from anywhere. The reason why I love is because I'm also a footballer and I want to be like him. Cristiano Ronaldo is my hero, my inspiration to play football. Messi is nothing when compared to Cristiano Ronaldo. I've been trying to learn some of Cristiano Ronaldo skills, but I must say it is quite difficult. Pays to charities, pays his taxes, doesn't drink beer. I have three of his jerseys and a t-shirt that says King

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