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I look for news about him on the in internet every single day. The biggest reason is of course that he is such a great footballer, and his big love for football. L'addio della città a Gigi Burruano, simbolo della "palermitanitudine"Addio Gigi Burruano, volto nella «Piovra» e «I cento passi» Simona Izzo età, marito, figli: vita privata FOTOSimona Izzo età, figli, vita privata: tutti i segreti della nuova.

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Hala Madrid and god bless." : : Durban, South Africa: : » [@] gmail.comFavorite Player: Reasons why you love Cristiano Ronaldo so much: "From the time I was a little girl, I became a football fanatic as I used to watch every Manchester United game. Some people make fun of me loving Ronaldo, because they think I'm a girl and therefore I love his good looks and want to marry him. everything is just a dream and I hope to meet him one day. also means "Love to win and hate to lose", which is something that has helped me every time when I think i can't do something, as it gives me the strength to try it. My dream is to meet him, even though I know that might not be easy to accomplish. Many people say it's Messi but that could never be true, because he can't be the best until Cristiano Ronaldo retires from playing football. The ball loves him, and he loves the ball! His talent is so rare, I admire him and respect him more than any other footballer. I believe that in order to be entitled with such status, a fan should be going to every game and unfortunately, the closest I can get to Cristiano Ronaldo is through his videos and his photos. I want to learn to play just like him and make shots like him. Medium inverted bob hairstyle. Sometimes, I like to imagine I actually know him, since that would make my days just perfect. Unlike most English footballers, you can see his passion for the beautiful game. If Messi is the best player on the planet, then is the best player in the universe.

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I cant stop supporting , as I am a real fan of him, and he makes me feel good when he is on the field. I've been watching him since he was playing for Manchester United and my room is full of pictures of him, I follow him on Instagram and Facebook. His foot work is out of this world and his freekicks are deadly.

Conch hairstyle. How he fight for what he wants, and always wants more. His step overs and flicks are unbelievable! His control over the ball is excellent! Also, his swerving free-kicks are a thing of beauty. Obviously, is the best player in the World and even though I haven't had the chance to meet him yet, I'm confident it will happen soon enough. Hairstyle for thick curly hair men. I know everything about and I'm checking the news about him two times a day.

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I watch on youtube everyday, and I learn a lot from him, because I also play football. That's why he will reach the highest achievements in his job. I keep dreaming of becoming a professional football player and I hope one day I can play with him side-by-side. He not only can run with the ball but he also scores it often. Most of my family think Messi is the best, but I think it really is. Most people here in Nepal call him arrogant but I disagree with them. Every single day I try to be like him, imitate his hairstyle and the way he dresses. Chinese bun hairstyle.

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