Cr7 hairstyle 2015

I never miss a game in which he plays, it's just impossible. For example, his free-kicks, penalty-kicks, speed and the last but not the last, his dribbling, are all wonderful. His work, and his contribution to social causes like donating blood and funds, just make me like him even more. I also like his personality and charming attitudes, as well as his positive way of being, because he is the type of man who contributes to good causes in life, and he cares about making life easier for families and friends. Curly hair with braids hairstyle. There is nothing that brings be more happiness than hearing, seeing, or reading about. He is not arrogant, he has talent and he is beautiful. is just the best, and even FIFA and their directors chose to support Barcelona, which is simply too bad. Every morning I look at my posters and jersey and simply smile because he has brought me tons of happiness with all of his success. is my idol not only in football but also in life, because I love his style. I believe that in order to be entitled with such status, a fan should be going to every game and unfortunately, the closest I can get to Cristiano Ronaldo is through his videos and his photos.

Cristiano Ronaldo fans - CR7 - Real Madrid | Portugal | 2017

People say Messi is better, but I think that isn't true. He proved it in Sporting Lisbon, later in Manchester United and now in Real Madrid. As a striker he's there for his team To watch him play, everyone's so keen! Marcelo, Kaka, Di Maria are favourites of mine They are players all so fine.

He's awesome and I will always love him! I'm watching every match of him, and I enjoy it everytime. Many people say that Lionel Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo, but he is the perfect player. I have three of his jerseys and a t-shirt that says King. I have a very close connection with him, I know when he is going to score, how many goals he is going to score, I just get that feeling in certain matches, and I am always right, I can't explain how. I try to re-model my own game as similar as possible to. I'm not a very tall boy and for that reason, everyone keeps telling me I'll never be as good as. Serena Rossi promossa per il debutto a Detto Fatto: “Non fa.Serena Rossi debutta a “Detto Fatto”: il look giallo per la prima puntata Ignazio Moser è entrato nella Casa del GFVip. I've started to be his fan since he arrived at Manchester United, precisely one of my favorite football clubs. I was so disappointed when the match between Real Madrid vs Angola was cancelled, since I knew that was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet you and all the Real Madrid squad. He's amazing and that's it! I would do anything to talk and meet with him, or even to simply shake his hand. I watch on youtube everyday, and I learn a lot from him, because I also play football. The sacrifices he has made has made him the icon he is today. His tricks, the knuckle shot, I work my socks off trying to perfect his skills. His tricks annoy people and his skills are at the same level of the ones from Pelé and Maradona. He's also great at shooting freekicks, since many goalkeepers are unable to stop his strong and tricky shots. cant do much things without , Iniesta, but is always the best. I hope that he will win the Champions League with Real Madrid this year and scores more goals than last season. has changed a lot over the years and he has become unstoppable. But still, even having different carf muscles don't stop from flying higer then his opononents. Punk rock hairstyle men. Sean hairstyle. I also play football and I love playing in a style similar to Please don't screw things up. NO, I don't care at all, and I truly believe that I love him. Barça, you can expect a true storm from Real Madrid next season. He is on the top because his friends, coaches and his family have helped him. He's unique at taking free-kicks and he's faster than Messi. People may call him arrogant and selfish, but what they don't know about him is the amount of money he donates to charity. Football player hairstyle photo. This is my first time doing something like this so I don’t really know what to say. He is so talented and he has very good ball control. I really would like to be like , in the way he plays but also in the way he reacts when playing on the field

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