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Evil Versus Evil: It is still great fun watching the various Roman characters screw each other over. Ashur was granted a promotion to the villa and was given Crixus' woman, and Oenomaus was slated for freedom and being hired as lanista. Spartacus' wife would probably have been in exactly such a situation before Batiatus found her again. Old man hairstyle. There is always at least one topless woman in the arena stands, for example. If you're a wealthy Roman, you have to lie, cheat, steal and possibly commit a few murders to get anywhere and your so-called 'friends' will only remain so as long as you're useful to them, meaning you can't trust anyone. Precision F-Strike: Majority of the fucking lines are uttered this way. You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Glaber, Ashur, and their mercenaries typically execute anyone they question. The Queen's Latin: Most characters, particularly the Romans, speak in a vaguely British accent, though a lot of the cast is from Australia, which comes through.

Shattered bob hairstyle. Cruel Mercy: Spartacus lets Glaber live in the first episode, forcing him to go back to Rome in shame. However, with the show's artistic license, that never happens; Spartacus' intentions towards Sicily occur earlier in the show and with an entirely different purpose than in history, and Varro's lines are ultimately forgotten. Frame-Up: Batiatus kills Calavius then delivers Numerius and a host of guards to the fresh corpse in order to frame Good Solonius. Since understating the prices doesn't help the story, this is probably a genuine mistake.

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By the end of the series, this canonical event took place with Gannicus being one of those crucified rebels. The Egyptian completely ignores a dozen arrows sticking out of his chest, arms, and legs; but he seems to just be. Fanservice: Most of the male cast, especially the gladiators. Oh My Gods!: "Jupiter's cock." Ominous Latin Chanting: During a sex scene, no less. Whether he manages to get an errection or not is irrelevant, as that is just a matter of physical stimulation. Gilligan Cut to him getting thrown against a peg during training and killed instantly. Fanservice Extra: of them! Some of the arena spectators like to flash their breasts at the gladiators. Popping someone's head off with a chain, for example. We Used to Be Friends: This series reveals that Batiatus and Good Solonius, bittier rivals in Blood and Sand who each arrange to murder the other, used to be the best of friends in days past. Rockabilly hairstyle men. Groin Attack: Used on at least two perverts by Mira and Naevia. Forcing Roman soldiers to fight, however, is treated as just. Doomed Moral Victor: Anyone who knows their history would know this was inevitable for the Rebellion. Thankfully, she actually likes him and enjoys his "patronage", though she wouldn't have a choice about having sex with him if she didn't. Later, does this, denying Cesear the honor of killing him, and overall spoiling the Roman's party. Would Hit a Girl: Being Ancient Rome though, a hands-off attitude towards women was by no means a social standard. He even goes out with a smile knowing that Batiatus will be following him soon enough.

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The Vamp: Gaia has sex for fun, love, and manipulation. Blood And Sand: Ends with Spartacus and the other gladiators successfully launching their rebellion against the house of Batiatus. Death by Adaptation: , since the historical Spartacus' prophetess wife/lover is repeatedly stated in historical records as an important member of the rebellion.

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