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If your hair doesn't hold curls well on its own, using a setting product like hairspray or gel will help your curls last longer. Since your hair is dyed, you should use a shampoo that is safe for color treated hair. Many hair curling methods are tailored more to other hair types and don't take this into account. Remember that the width of your wand will determine the width of your curls. Black hair is generally more prone to drying out when compared to other hair types.

Be sure to distribute the product evenly from your roots on out. Do not refrigerate as the formula works best at room temperature. It will most likely smooth your hair out and make it really heavy! But remember, if you leave it in too long it will eventually become a gross mess, so don't leave it in overnight or anything.

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Pair a conditioner with a shampoo designed for dry or damaged hair. Keep a spray bottle with water close by to re-wet sections if they start to dry. If you have used a heavy duty silicone product or a product with an ingredient like beeswax or lanolin we suggest you mix a pinch of baking soda with the Come Clean shampoo in the palm of your hand and use this to wash your hair. You may also need to use conditioner in between shampoos if you are active and workout a lot. If you have medium curls, kinks, or waves, you may shampoo every few days as your curls will look fine with a small amount of the natural oils from the sebaceous glands. While your hair is still wet after a wash, you may use a combination of towel drying and brushing, combing, or finger-combing your hair. Tie the sleeves at the front of your forehead to keep the plop tight. If you want to prevent it, don't wash your hair every day. Bend over and lay your head at the center of the t-shirt making sure that there’s material in front of and behind your hair.

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Conditioner will continue to work until the next time you use shampoo to wash your hair. Avoid alcohol-based hairsprays that can dry out your hair. Hairstyle trends fall 2015. Be careful when you brush it, you don't want to brush them all out. Try to keep conditioner for as long as you can because it will moisturize as long as it is applied.Apply a liberal amount of deep conditioner to wet hair after it has been washed and cleaned. Be sure to moisturize your hair afterwards if necessary. Make sure your hair is completely dry before removing your flexi rods. However, knowing your hair type will help narrow down your choices.

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