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El hilo argumental de la sexta temporada se inicia un año más tarde, después de que Dean vea a Sam sacrificarse en la "Jaula del infierno". Dopo un incontro ravvicinato con Lucifero, i due vengono salvati da Gabriele, che perisce per dare il tempo ai due di salvarsi. In "Changing Channels", Dean reveals that he hates procedural cop shows because say how they are all the same. Junto a ella, aparece Ash, que da a los hermanos información sobre el demonio que buscan.

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Dean ritorna umano anche se il Marchio di Caino rischia ancora di ritrasformarlo in un demone, inoltre diventa semrpre più arduo per lui controllare l'energia malignia del marchio. The ghost is destroyed just in time to save Dean, whose heart had come dangerously close to stopping. A/C rocked forward on nose, bounced and hit an embankment causing fuel cells to rupture He manages to escape his coffin, but is ambushed by an unknown entity that manifests as a light that shatters glass and hurts Dean's ears when it tries to speak to him. Catherine Ogle, Dean of Winchester Includes seasonal reflections, developments and key upcoming dates. Castiel then sends Dean to find Sam, warning him to stop Sam from going down the dark path he is on, or Castiel will, indicating that he will kill Sam if necessary. Whereas in hell, Dean gave into his darker thoughts and enjoyed torturing, in Purgatory, he appears to have given into his darker instincts and embraced the warrior lifestyle that he’d basically been raised for his entire life. La quarta stagione inizia con la resurrezione di Dean dalla tomba, che avviene quattro mesi dopo la sua morte. It turns out to be the geek and he is reluctant to do so, but after one of the wishes results in Sam's death, he removes the coin, reversing all the wishes.

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Al comenzar la serie, Dean es un cazador nato, que sigue la estela de su padre. All'insaputa dei Winchester, Lucifero riesce a liberarsi prendendo possesso di Castiel, e quando Dean lo scopre decide di salvare il suo amico. Dean is left shattered by the revelation, telling Castiel to find someone else to save the world, because he can't. Allí conoce a sus padres de jóvenes cuando aún eran novios. It’s found in vulnerability, tolerance and humility – in being Christ-like in our daily lives. To respond to the physical challenge and the spiritual invitation. While he was stuck there, he became emotionless and paranoid of the fear of getting attacked. Separation of white drive link caused an uncontrollable descending right turn and crash into trees. Más tarde, Dean se infiltra en el nido y antes de poder matar al vampiro jefe del grupo, el vampiro Alpha les manda una visión telepática de sus planes. During his time in Purgatory, Dean seems to have adopted a new, slightly unstable personality. Sam recovers and stabs Alastair with Ruby's knife; while it doesn't kill him, it gives the Winchesters the chance to flee to safety. siguiendo alguna pista que les lleve a su progenitor y matando a los seres que van encontrando. Even though he has a stronger connection with angels throughout the series, he's the Winchester to eventually becomes a demon, specifically a Knight of Hell. "Time After Time After Time" - Dean died in an alternate timeline. Hairstyle locks. Despite being the better hunter, Dean admits he doesn't see himself as anything other than a "grunt." He is constantly called out for feeling this way by Bobby and Sam. Nonostante Sam sia ancora arrabbiato con lui, decide di tornare a cacciare con Dean, poi Crowley aiuta Dean a trovare la Prima Lama, che è in possesso di un collezionista, Dean usa la lama per ucciderlo. Dean shows on multiple occasions a soft spot for children.

Dean has also shown on several occasions that he is a great fan of movies, particularly westerns, and was thrilled to be given a chance to go to the old west. Momentos después, Dean vende su alma a cambio de que le devuelvan con vida a su hermano menor. Dean decided to obtain the Mark of Cain, and by doing so, his personality became darker, with extreme levels of aggression and wrath. A/C and crew were based at Peden Barracks in Wertheim. In un periodo di debolezza psichica deve, inoltre, fare i conti con gli strani fenomeni soprannaturali che cominciano a manifestarsi in suo fratello, oltre a trovare un modo per riappropriarsi della Colt andata perduta e vendicare la morte dei suoi genitori. After his extraction from Hell by Castiel, Dean began exhibiting noticeable anxiety and experienced chronic, abominable nightmares of his experience there

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