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Tips to color your hair:  To make your face look shorter, color your hair on the sides of your face and darken your hair on the top. Katie holmes hairstyle. How to find your perfect hairstyle quiz. Don’t wear too much hair around you face as this will lose the shape of your face. Fringe options will suit for the ones who have thick hair. Below you can find few black shapes which will help you to find the shape that best fits you Best Hairstyles for OVAL Faceshape: Any style will suit you. She appeared in several print and commercial advertisements for various drugstore brands. Classic and elegant, the star seems to have carried off this Indian ensemble with elan.The pulled back hairstyle along with the subtle make-up given us the perfect vintage look and feel. Deepika Padukone at Mumbai International Airport Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone were spotted at Mumbai International Airport last year in November. This hairstyle will also work if you have oiled your hair. You can make out in the way Victoria Beckham’s hair style how the hair sweeps on her forehead and eyes. If you have a thick hair, try long fringe which will make your face look longer. The hair has been combed to one side and folded and kept in place at the back most likely with a banana style hair clip. If your hair is medium texture, you can try a razor cut, which will make you look hot. Famous personalities with square shape face are Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Thomas Holly, Kristin Scott, and Isabella Rossellini Best Hairstyles for HEART Faceshape: If you have a heart shape face, it is better to avoid heavy cuts. Don’t make your crown look too height as this will make your chin look narrow and longer. Once you are done tug at each side to loosen the braid and widen it. She attended Sophia High School and graduated from Mount Carmel College Bangalore. A layered bob will suit rather than having a straight bob which will not suit your face type. If your hair is long, curly looks will make your heart-shaped face stand out. If you are feeling audacious follow Namitha and try a blunt cut bob. Layered bob should be below the jaw line or it should end above.

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Dressed in a Sabyasachi gown, there is not one thing about this look that we can point a finger at. Actresses such Amala Paul, Bhavana, Namitha Pramod and Parvathy Menon are daring in their style and breaking the rules of tradition. Military cut hairstyle. You can now sweep the top part to get a romantic style.

In this pic Kartika Nair shows us how its done with long wavy locks swirling all around her. Images from Getty Images.Dress so nice, we had to have it twice. Now if you don’t want to have curls, you can do a messy crop and make it short. Lighting the hair: try coloring the hair that falls around your face which will make your square face look soft. Best Hairstyles for SQUARE Faceshape: The options for square shape faces are quite sexy. In this pic Bhavana has gone for a retro style hair bun. If your hair is short, a messy look will be more ideal.

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Your hairstyle also depends on the type of hair you have and also your personality matters. Parvathy’s  frizzy bob is the cutting edge of fashion. The style whatever you choose should give some round shape to the same. If your forehead is small clear the fringe to make it visible. It is better not to have your hair long just few inches up to your shoulder level will do. There will be a live telecast of the celebration on Colors TV. Keep the mirror in front of you and hold your hair tight with the Alice band. With the help of an Alice Band and the mirror, you will be able to find the shape of your face. This will add volume to your hair and looks appealing too. This will allow for that nice cascading effect as the hair falls forward in front of your shoulder. In this case your hair would require some preparation so I would reserve it for special occasion when you are wearing a dress or gown. I love how on the same side she has let a long strand of curly awesomeness loose. A long wispy fringe will suit your hair type and face. Images from Getty Images.Why wear a sari, dress, or a gown when you can wear a bikini top and throw a blanket over it. Mohawk hairstyle women

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