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Side Braided Fringed Hair With Thick Curly Bang: Image : GettyTake a large section of the hair at one side and curl it up to form a thick, spiral, side bang. Opt for a striking color and you'll wow people from blocks away. Textured High Braid With Puffy Top And Wispy Ends: Image : GettyNow, here is a true glamorous look that can make you the envy of others at the prom party! Texturize your entire hair, roll the front section back by creating a nice puff and pin it at your crown with some bobby pins. Finish with a smoothing cream on the ends for added definition and shine. Razor cut bob hairstyle. Bobby-pin the twisted part of your hair tightly against the back of your head, letting the wavy ends hang.  Starting at your part, sweep the front section of hair across your forehead to the other side so it hangs low. Straighten your bangs, and pin back one side of your hair with a cute clip. The Right and Wrong Way to Wear Bangs Emma Stone with a shag hairstyle. Be the center of attraction at the prom night party by wearing this exclusive braided style on your smooth, glossy, highlighted hair. Jennifer Garner's Long Hair With Side-swept Bangs Jennifer Garner with long hair, side-swept bangs. Loose Free-Ended Side Braid With Bang And Flower Headband: Image : GettyGather all your natural blonde hair on one of your shoulders and come up with a low, side, loose braid with elastic-free rounded ends. Side Tousled Braid With Soft Romantic Waves: Image : GettyA simple, tousled braid can bring out the ultimate feminine charm in you. One word of caution: Be careful not to get a spiky haircut which is dated and can give the illusion of face length.

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These blunt bangs are very flattering on an oval face, as are long, side-swept bangs. All you need is some dry shampoo, hairspray and a couple of bobby pins to hold it all up. You Can Get Away With an Edgy Cut Not many women can get away with this edgy cut, but a true oval face can. All you need is some hairspray and wax to shine it up. Halo braid hairstyle. Puglia for Getty If you have an oval face, you can get away with any type of short cut, from super short to chin-length, but if you're not ready to take the plunge to go short, consider a  shoulder-length style or one like this, which is somewhere in between shoulder-length and chin-length. Try a Shag Hairstyle The beauty in the shag hairstyle is that it flatters all face shapes. The long layers hit at the cheekbones and the chin. Loose Waves With Waterfall Braided Side Sweep: Image : GettyA waterfall braid can be a great choice for jazzing up your prom night look.

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Every girl wants to have an easy yet still very pretty hairstyle as her daily look. Instead, cut in layers and keep the length above your shoulders. Straighten up your hair and start curling from the ends on the way out. Real blooms will smell yummy all night long.  LAUREN PERLSTEIN/Studio D Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Cornrow Braids Part your hair on your left side. Sleek High Braided Ponytail With Hair Wrap: Image : GettyLook smart and stylish at the prom party by choosing this sleek, high hairstyle. Make a twist from each of those two small sections. Secure with *sparkly* hair clips. However, it is the awesome waterfall braided side sweep, which has made the style super hit for prom.This style basically involves styling your bangs into a reverse waterfall braid, and weaving a messy braid off to a side. Highlighted French Braid With Puffy Top And Spiral Ends: Image : GettyThis is one of the best French braid prom hairstyles that hardly takes any time. A few layers will add body to hair, as will the perfect cut. Continue until you get to the ends, then secure with a leather band. It is perfect for short as well as medium hair length. Cut long, they also bring attention to beautiful eyes. Between Shoulder-Length and Chin-Length Margherita Missoni. Now, braid up the hair at one side and wrap it around the base of the pony in order to hide the elastic band completely. If you leave your bangs longer, you'll be able to style your pixie in a variety of ways. Try a Bob to Show Off Chin, Cheekbones A sleek, sophisticated bob will never go out of style, but this mussy version of the bob is even better. If you are really tall, you might look like a pinhead in this cut. Long Four Strand Braid With Bangs And Spiral Ends: Image : GettyMake your long, soft, black hair with dark brown highlights smooth by applying a serum and turn it into a thick, wide, four strand braid. Wavy Tousled Side Braid With Fringes And Bangs: Image : GettyThough it is almost similar to the typical tousled braid created on one side of the head, the wavy side bangs and the long fringes swinging over the forehead have perked up the look to a great extent. 1910 hairstyle. If you have a quirky or edgy personality, you can get away with a cool, short cut and color.

Divide hair horizontally at the back of your head and form two ponytails. Keep the top-front hair separated from rest of the locks, and create two French twists at the back. Tousled, natural hair is a look that has been popular for years now and shows no sign of waning in popularity. Fold the braid around its own base a few times and create a high braided bun. Use a squirt of hairspray on each section that you pin up to make sure all your hair stays in place. At least a week before the event try on your outfit, fix your hair and do your makeup to see how the ensemble looks when everything is pulled together

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