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I know there are so many people out there who really love this perfume but I just can't. I don't see myself repurchasing or asking for this one for a gift. It's rather a generic scent like so many others and it doesn't stand out of the crowd either but I think it suits to a person with a romantic personality like my friend. To be very honest, I tried Dolce on mostly because I am in love with the green glass and flower cap! At first sniff, Dolce is aquatic and a touch sweet, the scent of a long and gentle rainshower, of dripping petals against a mild grey sky. Even though no lime/lemon is listed, I have the impression that it has got lots of these notes. This perfume is a plain Jane, and if that's what you're looking for, go ahead and buy it. If you like fresh-florals, you'll get the same effect as Dolce if you save your money and buy an aquatic-floral scented body spray from the drugstore, or wear scented deodorant, or let you hair air dry so you can smell your shampoo/conditioner, or wear hairspray, or. It's really nothing special and way too overpriced. The nice opening wears off pretty quickly, and any enthusiasm I had goes with it: what's left is some vague and not altogether pleasant muskiness that does nothing for me except for sticking around a lot longer than the part I did like. Although it is not super strong and has little silage, it holds on loosely.

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I agree with other reviewers, this perfume is just plain, boring, and generic.

There is a fine line between having a sophisticated scent or reminding everyone of a grandmother in a stuffy church. Mit der Hauptlinie Dolce & Gabbana und der Zweitlinie ist das Unternehmen jeweils bei den viermal im Jahr stattfindenden Damen- und Herren-Modenschauen bei den Mailänder Modewochen präsent. Such an unexpected trip down memory lane, what a nice surprise! So I might like a little decant of Dolce just for these nostalgic reasons, but that's really all it's good for in my eyes. For me beautiful floral perfumes are those like Issey Miyake D'Issey Absolue or Estee Lauder Pleasures. It has a certain floral sweetness but is mostly just a pleasant, fresh scent. The beauty of this fragrance is that it is inherently simple. I will say that I personally tend to enjoy more "different" fragrances, but perfumes like Dolce have their place in my heart too for every day wear. One of the prettiest perfume bottles I've ever seen, IMHO. I had tried before as a paper sample and wasn't a fan, but got a liquid sample and tried it. Modern pompadour hairstyle. It makes me think of little petals drifting down a rainwater rivulet; to me wearing Dolce beautifully captures an impression of a gentle spring rainshower or a long, soothing bath. This is the perfect embodiment of my favorite parts of early spring when the bulbs start to bloom. Dolce is one of those scents that is tiptoeing on that line. I crept into their master bathroom, feeling their soft, sea-green carpet beneath my feet, like shaded grass or a shallow pool, under long windows hung with white wooden blinds. This is not a bold or exotic fragrance, but it is a beautiful one. soon after, I smell something salty, fresh & aquatic. Die erste Begegnung der beiden fand per Telefon statt, als Dolce sich bei dem Modehaus Gabbana um einen Arbeitsplatz bewarb. The papaya flower adds a bit of an unusual note to the usual floral bouquet scent, but it is otherwise a pleasant mix of generic florals. PS As I sample further in the D&G line, I am finding the same fatal flaw in many, so far: fleeting longevity.what a shame, they are all so beautiful.. Als neues Gesicht für die Werbekampagne der Kosmetiklinie wurde Scarlett Johansson gewonnen. Each bulb was cracked with time, slivers of silver running along its surface, lending to the dancing, watery feel of the room. What a steal! I've smelled it before but wasn't to impressed. On my skin, I get lightly sweet, a little aquatic and a little lemony cool; very Water Lilly. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes daffodils or fresh sweet florals. She loved it and said it was her absolute favourite and wouldn't compare it to anything else. It is a great inoffensive scent for work or formal daytime events. Lily is usually a boring note for me, but in Dolce it's well balanced with the other notes. Nothing outstanding but you don't always want a big statement perfume. Japan samurai hairstyle. I thought it was a nice perfume, nothing special to me though

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