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Her most embarrassing moment while shooting was she could not keep her snowboarding goggles out of her eyes. Nudred hairstyle. She wishes that her father was still here to watch her follow her dreams, as he would be so proud of her.

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become your dream friend, partner, invest everything in who you want to be. At the age of eight, she began acting in community theater. Check out ‘s song and all the rest of the songs on the album below! 'Dance Moms' Exclusive Sneak Peek. Her favorite song is "Moonlight Serenade" by Glenn Miller. She legally changed her name to Dove because her father used to call her that.

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like mal & harry got cheap tats when they were younger… View details actually: ok. She said that her parents named her Dove because they love Picasso and he named his daughter Paloma, and that means "dove" in Spanish.However, it is unknown why she said this as her parents named her Chloe, not Dove. When she was fourteen, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting professionally. When I was seven, I wore red lipstick everyday and big fur collars. Spring twist hairstyle. Most of Dove's friends and family call her by her birth name, Chloe. She was on an episode of Disney's Win, Lose or Draw along with her co-star, Joey Bragg. She has an older sister named Claire Hosterman who is seven years older than her.

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Her parents encouraged her interest in acting while she grew up in Seattle, Washington. Dove Cameron is the first Disney girl lead role to be playing two roles through-out an entire series. He shouldn’t exist.” On being shamelessly “extra”: “I’ve always been the most extra. Dove is a huge fan of the BBC show Doctor Who and slips references into her own show. But when her partner Max is injured in the qualifier, she has one of the boys from The Lodge in her sights as a replacement. Her father passed away, just a few years before she started acting. The twins she plays as is her personality split down the middle. She is close friends with her Descendants co-star, Sofia Carson listen, that's not something i feel i can go into right now… View details A student who left his university because of backlash after being photographed participating in the racism rally. It’s a weird, scary thing to live by your reward system alone, but I think it’s one of those things that eventually pays off and creates a much richer life.” On her relationship with boyfriend Thomas Doherty “I’m so in love. My mom always tells this story about how I only liked to drink out of wine glasses. We both just turned our lives upside down, like ‘Oh my god, I had no idea you were out there.’ He’s just the most quality human being. Dove Cameron shot before she started filming Liv and Maddie, even though Liv and Maddie premiered before Her favorite season is Autumn. View details i love when girls love other girls & prioritize them over other petty things She is known for playing a dual role as both title.Carrière I don’t ever want to do anything just to stay busy or have a press release.

Her parents are Philip Alan Hosterman and Bonnie Wallace. Dove has a semi-photographic memory which helps her to remember her script lines. The actress and singer guest starred on the new season of the show, where boyfriend Thomas Doherty also stars. Her father passed away from cancer when she was fifteen. She describes her fans, Dovelies, as dedicated, kind, and dovely. Dove says in her free time she likes to cook for the cast. She has met Ashley Tisdale and has worked with her on the movie

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