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It’s like a crisscross made of dreadlocks; a creative hairstyling idea that will make people turn heads. Salt water also makes the hair lock faster, but it should not be sprayed directly onto the scalp to avoid itching. Taper Fade and Dreads A sided taper fade can easily draw attention to some stunning looking dread styles for men. Edgy and Short Haircut for Black Men This hairstyle actually works with the texture of hair unique to black men. This amazing hairstyle can be noticed right from the start. Over time, the hair becomes matted, creating an untamed look similar to Bob Marley’s locs. Get comfortable and join us for a journey through various hairstyles so you can find that special haircut to make your own. Fabulous Dreadlocks These incredibly long dreadlocks are high maintenance, but they are absolutely fabulous. Dominican blowout hairstyle. “No matter the race, you will find a connection to having dreadlocks for spiritual reasons.” The Old Testament even tells the story of Samson, who lost his strength once his locs were shaved off. Different textures, Faulk says, play a role in how long the hair will take to lock with curly and course hair locking quicker than straight hair. Wavy Dreadlocks If you want to add more volume to your hair and you are searching for a different take on dread styles for men, go for wavy dreadlocks. Urban Dreads Dreadlocks are welcome mostly anywhere nowadays, regardless of the formal-informal context. Thousands of years later, mummified bodies have been recovered with their locs still intact. Dreadlocks and Braided Patterns Most types of braids flatter dreadlocks. Taper Fade Haircut Fade haircuts are usually one of black men’s favorite hairstyles. Sponge Twists and Temple Fade Haircut for Black Men This haircut will help you rock your curls to the next level. Black Men Classy Curls This hairstyle looks very chic and can change your looks. Shaved Side and Low Fade Haircut for Black Men The major benefit of fades is a clean stylish look. The natural hair movement helped set off a resurgence in locs in recent years with Ava Duvernay, Ledisi, Willow and Jaden Smith, Chloe x Halle, and The Weeknd all making locs part of their signature look. Hip, Long Dreadlocks You can sport dreadlocks even in your work environment because nowadays the hairstyle has become a recurring trend and most people got used with such an interesting hairdo. “Starting with the roots, you twist the hair with a comb in a spiraling motion until it forms a coil,” Faulk explains. 360 waves hairstyle.

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You don’t need to go to an extreme when your stylist gives you a Mohawk haircut. It looks sexy and handsome at the same time and suits well to the texture and hair color of black men. Shaved on one side hairstyle. Back Tied Dreadlocks Dreads can be easily tied at the back, especially when you have to run errands, when you have to go to work, read or work out. They look more elegant and they don’t require styling that much. “Locs can be braided, twisted, curled, pinned up into rolls and buns, cut and colored,” says Simone Hylton, a Florida-based loctician and owner of Natural Trendsetters Salon. Twisted Mohawk Dreads Although this is by far one of the most intricate dread styles for men, it’s certainly one of the most beautiful ones also. Dread perming accelerates the locking process for straight hair by giving it “texture,” but the process can be damaging if not done properly. Re-twisting is essential for keeping your locs looking “neat,” but doing so too often can lead to thinning and breakage. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled it’s nondiscriminatory to ban locs in the workplace. This look is actually very cute; allowing you room for subtle styling. Simple Dreads Even when it comes to hairstyles, less is more

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