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Taylor struggled with health problems for most of her life. She became a political wife, campaigning hard to get her husband elected to the Senate by attending endless charity benefits, shaking hundreds of hands, and speaking at public functions. Crowther wrote that Taylor "looks like a million dollars, in mink or in negligée", while stated that she gives "a torrid, stinging portrayal with one or two brilliantly executed passages within". She had gained weight and was nearing middle age, and did not fit in with the new generation of stars, such as Jane Fonda and Julie Christie. Ironically, the man she was to marry next was five years older than Wilding. Francis stayed behind to close the London gallery and joined them in December. Both studios offered Taylor contracts, and Sara Taylor chose to accept Universal's offer. The fracture went undetected for several years, although it caused her chronic back problems. Although two of her husbands-Mike Todd and Eddie Fisher-were Jewish, Taylor stated that she did not convert because of them, but had wanted to do so "for a long time" and that there was "comfort and dignity and hope for me in this ancient religion that [has] survived for four thousand years . Dreadlocks hairstyle pictures. So I thought, If you're going to screw me over, I'll use you." Taylor began her philanthropic efforts by helping to organize and by hosting the first AIDS fundraiser to benefit the AIDS Project Los Angeles. Finally, Sybil Burton gave in, claiming cruelty and that her husband was "in the constant company of another woman," which Newsweek called "the throwaway line of the decade". After completing Raintree Country, she had divorced Wilding and married producer Mike Todd. The strategy worked, as the film became a financial success.

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It was the most expensive movie of all time but their romance overshadowed the price tag. was considered groundbreaking for its adult themes and uncensored language, and opened to "glorious" reviews. Although the film was a drama about mental illness, childhood traumas, and homosexuality, it was again promoted with Taylor's sex appeal; both its trailer and poster featured her in a white swimsuit. Wilding was middle-aged and his career was fading, although she got him an MGM contract. Finally, weary of subterfuge, they decided to be seen publicly in the Via Veneto. But, with her career in full swing again – and solo – she was not content to be kept down on the farm in Virginia. Speaking of her charity work, former President Bill Clinton said at her death, "Elizabeth's legacy will live on in many people around the world whose lives will be longer and better because of her work and the ongoing efforts of those she inspired." Clear All Filters Your Selections:     More Jewelry Material Metal Color More MGM Studios gifted the gown to Taylor, a satin creation by Helen Rose, the same designer who created Grace Kelly’s wedding dress for her nuptials to Prince Rainier of Monaco.Yes, Paris Hilton’s great uncle. After completing The V.I.P.s, Taylor took a two-year hiatus from films, during which Burton and she divorced their spouses and married each other. The subsequent years proved to be an up-and-down affair for Taylor. I could take the fame I'd resented and tried to get away from for so many years-but you can never get away from it-and use it to do some good. The outraged moralistic public was unaware that the Fisher-Reynolds marriage was already in tatters. After creating a minor sensation by appearing in several episodes of a daytime TV soap opera called General Hospital, opposite a new beau, Tony Geary, the unsinkable double act of Burton and Taylor resurfaced again. Her personal life only boosted the success of her films. became Maggie" and that acting "was the only time I could function" in the weeks after Todd's death. called her "Hollywood's most accomplished junior actress" for her two film roles that year.

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During the era of the studio system, she exemplified the classic film star. Kennedy also contacted Francis and encouraged him to return to the U.S. Taylor was also one of the first celebrities to take part in HIV/AIDS activism. Audiences were disappointed that the love scenes between Taylor and Burton that had been the talk of modern Rome were not repeated with so much passion in those of ancient Rome. Taylor helped to popularize the work of fashion designers Valentino Garavani and Halston. Even more impressive was the fact that, unlike so many child stars before and after her, Taylor proved she could make a seamless transition to more adult roles.Mainstream SuccessHer stunning looks helped.

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Encouraged by the success of The Little Foxes, Taylor and producer Zev Buffman founded the Elizabeth Taylor Repertory Company. That's why I put on so much weight," she confessed. The affair continued in the public eye, while both Fisher and Sybil Burton held out for the best possible divorce deals. Its filming in Marfa, Texas, was a difficult experience for Taylor, as she clashed with Stevens, who wanted to break her will to make her easier to direct, and was often ill, resulting in delays. Her performance won the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival. According to biographer Alexander Walker, "whether she liked it or not . Taylor covered her ears while the guests departed, diplomatically. The studio correctly calculated that Taylor's public image would make it easy for audiences to associate her with the role. Her funeral took place the following day at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Taylor also won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance. As Fisher was still married to actress Debbie Reynolds, the affair resulted in a public scandal, with Taylor being branded a "homewrecker". "There comes a time during the making of a movie when the actors become the characters they play," Wanger noted in his diary

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