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He fills them in on his day's adventure of helping Ariel find a missing Eric. He hopes to impress Violet's father with his skills, but they convince him not to change, with both Regina and Emma exemplifying how each of their first loves didn't try to be anything but themselves.

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Once inside, they reach a dead end and see a caged Neal on a separate strip of land. While taking her parents to a safer place, Emma jokingly refers to the Count of Monte Cristo as "Errol Flynn". As large falling stones appear to crush Hook, Emma is grabbed and squeezed in the giant's fist. Suddenly, Robin Hood approaches, introducing Marian to Regina, so the three of them can talk. After his death, she rejoins David to catch Zelena at the apartment, but she is already gone. Emma shrugs off her this concern since her only interest is getting Henry back. Gold details the spell is the only way Regina can get Henry and the love she craves, but also vengeance from Mary Margaret. Regina insists on being the sacrifice, revealing she fears raising Henry alone knowing the Queen is a reminder of the terrible mother she could've been, but Emma assures her it won't happen as long as she is there to help her. Even as the vehicle pulls away, Emma continues to stare after it as she, too, desires a family. Snow fears this means Hades is going to attack Storybrooke, to which Emma to suggest both her parents should return home.

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Gold kills Zelena; accidentally triggering magic in her pendant, which activates the time spell. She tries to kill him, but he tricks her into giving him the sword by reappearing as Henry in disguise. She sees a picture of Hook as the pages are scorched and seemingly recognizes him as the man from her vision, but she does nothing even after this and watches as the page curls away under the heat of the flames. Upset, he dashes out of the apartment as Emma follows. While having lunch with Hook aboard the , the candle in a bottle and the table cloth on the table that Emma conjures, are similar to the ones seen in the famous spaghetti scene from. To this, Emma points out that she had no knowledge of his father being Rumplestiltskin and fiancée. During the evening, on Main Street, Zelena approaches while trailed by Mr. Emma enters the diner and sees Tamara grabbing some bagged food. Emma affirms she is better as the Dark One, free of her past closed-minded and judgmental personality, and suggests they can move forward together if he is willing. The blonde continues to stand by her decision, stating that Hook was the one who ran and there's nothing more to say about the issue. When Emma collapses, Elsa is encouraged by David, who persuades her into melting the ice. Uppercut hairstyle men 2015. Liam finds the book, with Hades' story torn out, leading Emma to suspect he took the pages. At the playground, Emma returns Henry's book to him as he laments in disappointment over the lack of change since bringing her back. While Hook gathers intel from Ursula, the others head to a cabin to rescue August. After discovering Ruby lent Ashley a car, she and Henry rush to stop her from fleeing town for Boston. Instead, Emma has him arrested for assault and criminal harassment. Even when shown footprints collaborating with a scuffle, Emma is hesitant to readily accept it means Neal was at their camp. They reach a cavern known as an Echo Caves where Hook relates his prior experience with the place. To help her recuperate, Henry takes her and Hook to Violet's family stables. Gold has Belle command him, with the dagger's will, to tell the truth. As they storm the cabin, Cruella pulls a gun on them, although Mary Margaret knocks her out. At Hook's arrival, she notices his hook hand is back; he claims the real hand wasn't good enough. To get in, Regina and Robin plan to go through an underground tunnel. Henry still thinks Neal and Emma have a shot together when Tamara is out of the picture.

She states his son forgives and loves him, but he dies to save everyone. Henry awakens Regina, who gives him true love's kiss and breaks the new curse. Though Regina believes the demon is after her, it is actually stalking Emma. After sending Henry to her house, Emma and her family try to figure out Mr. Gold, who wants to use a potion to accelerate her pregnancy, she shows Emma and Hook a book that she suspects is related to her son's message about how to defeat her husband. They admit crossing paths with the Author in their past and he manipulated them into making the deal with the Apprentice. Emma notices he has converted Mary Margaret's room into an armory for protection from Regina, but promises she'll keep him safe instead. This is a reference to the scene from , where Han Solo and Luke Skywalker enter the Death Star's detention area to rescue Princess Leia. Emma, too, thinks about the same with Henry, and mulls over what could have been, but realizes it wasn't meant to be. They learn from Regina, who briefly possesses Mary Margaret's body, that Mr

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