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Backcombing is just about the most natural way to make dreadlocks. “Both hair colorists and brow technicians are qualified,“ says Sheikh. They were not made for dreadlocks, and there is no reason to try to make them work, if you’re going to make dreadlocks do it right, get some DreadHead wax and shampoo follow the instructions and you will have great dreads. Dreads damage your scalp and can lead to thinning hair.If cared for using the proper methods and products dreadlocks are actualy a very heathly hairstyle. Petrolium products are better suited for African textured hair which has already been dreaded Starting dreds is great because you are actually helping them come together but you are not really making dreds. Some natural hair will dread itself over time but the dreads never look well kept and the process usually takes many years.

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Get a referral or read reviews before booking an appointment and if the salon or technician seems shady when you arrive, hightail your brows out of there.By: Erica Meltzer Dreadlocks are only dirty if you don’t take care of them and wash them. There are many other methods that are natural, such as Backcombing, Twist and Rip, Twist and Pin, Twisting, Dread Braiding, and Brush Rubbing. You have probably not seen many natural dreads of this type as most of these religions also require that no one, not even your spouse in some cases, see your dreads. It takes several years for the hair to lock fully and when it does it generally looks un kept, kind of like you might expect hair to look after not combing it for a few years. To help your hair grow faster and to increase the strength of your dreadlocks, proper nutrition is important.

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You can wash dreads just as you would wash a sponge, by working the soap in and then squeezing and rinsing repeatedly to get all the soap out. Still there are risks, which is why the brow tinting is not approved by the FDA. Don’t wash your face or touch your brows for the rest of the day - or at least a few hours after you get them tinted. “Tinting darkens your hair, but it can make any gaps or scar tissue more obvious, so you have to fill those holes with pencil or wax,” says Madron. Personal recommendations are always the best way to go, says Madron. So many people and so many sites wouldn’t recommend them if they didn’t do such a great job. Dreadlocks made with the backcombing, twist and rip, twist and pin, neglect, and brush rubbing methods are not high maintenance at all. Create small , medium, and fat dreadlocks in all types of hair from kinky to straight!. To be safe, ask for a patch test before tinting to make sure you have no allergic reaction to the dye.Finally, do your homework. People will try anything but there are products that do the job fast, clean, and with no danger to your scalp or furnature. Nice dreads are high maintenance.While it is easier for black people to have nice smooth dreads it is completely possible for other hair textures to dread tightly and smoothly. Rubberbands used correctly help roots and tips tighten, especially when dreads are new. Thai male hairstyle. Dreadlocks actually look very nice on Asian, Indian, and Caucasian. The tint slowly begins to fade after two weeks, and will be totally gone after week four,” says Bailey. Dreadlocks were also wore during Biblical times by John the Baptist and Samson. If you decide you no longer want dreads you have to shave your head. Many products on the market that mention they work for dreadlocks are actually intended to add shine and fragrance and to make corn rows look neater but they don't acually help the dreading process at all. Clean hair will actually lock up faster than dirty or oily hair. These products are not used or recommended for one reason, they don’t work. In fact your scalp never even knows you have dreadlocks, because the hair starts to dread about an inch away from the scalp.

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If the product contains any petroleum then it is your dreadlocks worst enemy. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about roots unless you lighten the color. Not true!! Dreadlocks need to be washed at least once a week. Natural dreads do not require the use of any chemical processes making them better for your scalp than any hair style that requires your hair to be chemically permed or straightened. A specialized hair growth supplement Natural dreads are those that are made by neglect.There are two types of natural dreadlocks. Plan On Monthly UpkeepLike coloring your hair, brow-tinting can feel a little high-maintenance. This is why we reccommend washing you dreads only in residue free soaps and shampoos

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