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Each level you gain a perk point and an amount of HP based upon your character's endurance stat. This goes into how to power Settlements and what Brahmin do for them. South of Red Rocket Truck Stop, east of Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup. If they're not healed within a set period of time, or when the player travels beyond a certain distance, they will leave and return to their last used home base. West of Listening Point Bravo, east of Old Gullett Sinkhole. This means that unlike mods, it won’t turn off achievements and trophies.

Note when commanding them to loot containers & bodies they will only grab one item at a time, so one may need to command them repeatedly. This effectively makes them less useful during combat, should you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Scavenging Stations and What They DoA guide to Scavenging Stations and the scavengers you can assign to them. Check this guide for information on Charisma Perks. This Institue Quest gives you the opportunity to side with the Brotherhood. If you follow the main storyline quests, the Brotherhood of Steel will arrive here and take out the enemies in the settlement. Wonder woman hairstyle. This walkthrough details the quest, outcomes of your choices, and things you can find along the way. East of Longneck Lukowski's Cannery, south of the Museum of Witchcraft. If removing the fusion core from the suit, they may still enter it and never need a fusion core. Lists the major things that each companion likes and dislikes for your character to do, so that you can get the Perks faster. You'll need to clear the area of Mirelurks before you can start using this settlement. East of USAF Satellite Station Olivia, west of Outpost Zimonja. North of [[Dunwich Borers] and east of Parsons State Insane Asylum. All about the stealth meter and how that works, while providing you some tips to help you avoid detection, pull off more sneak attacks, and improve as a sniper or melee blitz machine. Suggestions If you like my style of guide-writing and have any article suggestions, send them along to carl@carlsguides.com! You may have an idea I did not think of - yet - I'm still playing this awesome game. Future Plans for the Guide I've got much more to come. Only use this if you want to finish the game with the Minutemen, and it'll tell you how to proceed. While such an early quest hardly deserves a walkthrough, I wanted to point some things out to newcomers while trying to minimize spoilers. Be careful as there is a Boomer with a Fat Man at the main camp! : Top left corner of the map.

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If you want an easy way out, there are some pods near this construction site. Also looks at the various things you can do to raise your character's AP or increase its regeneration in some way. This place can be a bit tricky to find, but rest assured it exists! As the name implies, this settlement is situated in an alley, but a bigger one than you would typically see in the game. This applies to every companion except for Dogmeat, Ada, and an automatron. I go into AP usage of weapons mods, and will add more to this category Settlements and Crafting Information - Settlements Tutorial, making Adhesive and where to find things. Sometimes one may find the dismissed companion in the settlement sent to without their power armor. The Bobbleheads will give you a free point in each of them, should you find them all. If the Sole Survivor fires a weapon in a settlement, any companions present in that settlement will often become annoyed and make backbiting comments on how that is best saved for another time. Most companions complain when picking up junk, however Old Longfellow will praise the player character and even have his affinity raised. This list is ever-expanding as I myself go through the game and think of things. : Phyllis Daily No enemies here, but there are trap mines scattered about! If you want to use the Workshop here, you're going to have to speak with Phyllis and convince her to join the Minutemen. Next I plan to make a guide to SPECIAL stats, one for each category of Perk, list all Bobblehead locations with detailed instructions on finding them, and write more gameplay guides to help players navigate the Wasteland of the Commonwealth as the Lone Survivor

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