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Additionally, the baking process significantly stretches the dough layers due to the large macroscopic deformation that occurred during fermentation’s dough lift. During baking, the transient gluten network turns into a permanent network. In the Levant, croissants are sold plain or filled with chocolate, cheese, almonds, or zaatar. In the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the croissant is typically called a ; this usually has a crisper crust and is less buttery than the French-style croissant. 1920 hairstyle for short hair. Straw twist hairstyle. The first type of Portuguese croissant is similar to the French, and can be plain or filled with custard, chocolate, fruit jam, or a typical Portuguese cream made of egg yolk and sugar, "doce de ovo". At this point, the yeast partially breaks down sugar into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Croissants are different from other puff pastries in that they include yeast which, during proofing, increase the dough volume. Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. Typically, croissant predough is mixed in a relatively cool environment, for a longer time than other pastries. This has led to croissants being banned by some Islamic fundamentalists. Asian bangs hairstyle. The steam migration to oil phase is likely due to the smaller pressure differential required to inflate a bubble of steam in liquid fat than in solid dough. At the same time, water diffuses from the outer crust to the environment, which has less moisture. To prepare predough, flour, water, in-dough fat, yeast, salt, and sugar are mixed together in a single step. The slightly swollen granules are found in the spaces between the gluten network, thus contributing to the consistency of the dough. Sports hairstyle. First, as previously stated, water redistributes from gluten to starch as a result of starch retrogradation. After spreading out the predough and putting a layer of roll-in fat over the center surface of the dough, the corners of the predough are folded toward the middle of the fat.

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With more bonds being made, the gluten network becomes more rigid, strengthening the croissant’s crumb texture. Martin's Day is celebrated in Greater Poland, mainly in its capital city Poznań. The role of proteins can be divided into two stages of dough formation: hydration and deformation. After consuming all of the oxygen, the yeast switches to anaerobic fermentation.

A cousin of the croissant is the Turkish ay çöreği

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