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Twist out hairstyle. Side Braid With Medium Tresses Image: GettyThis cute, flirtatious hairstyle is the height of teeny bopper style. But after was released, everybody still wanted to duplicate princess Elsa's long soft braid. Inverted French Braid Bun Image: GettyYou’ve French braided your hair from the front, and you’ve French braided it from the sides. Gather all of your hair onto the side of the parting with more hair. Twisted Intricate Image: GettyI know you are probably thinking how on earth you will be able to do this hairstyle. Asian girls hairstyle. Check out The Shine Project for DIY instructions and variations on the look.

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Once your French braid has reached the crown of your head, secure it with a hair elastic into a high half ponytail. French braid each of these three sections till the back of your head and then secure them with bobby pins.

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Another way is to just take deep breaths and stop braiding for a minute. Braid this section and secure it at the back of your head with some bobby pins. Make your own version with one Dutch braid, or go for a French braid instead; either way, check out this Hair Romance tutorial for some more helpful tips. Chunky French Fishtail Tutorial This chunky French fishtail looks gorgeous on Amber of Barefoot Blonde. Dutch-Braid Headband If you're looking for a simple way to upgrade your hairstyle, try this Dutch-braid headband. Golden Lean Braid Image: GettyThe lean golden braid with an unevenly combed top is an exquisite example of messiness in sync with elegance. Braided Crown for Short Hair Most ladies with short hair can't accomplish a full-braided crown with their length; however, The Wonder Forest has provided a great variation that makes it possible to get a similar look without all the length. Before you continue with this list, make sure you are comfortable with this braiding basic. Start fishtail braiding the ponytail by alternately picking up a thin section of hair from the outer side of one section and adding it to the inner side of the other section. It's just a bunch of stacked lace braids! Follow these detailed instructions from Christina of Hair Romance. Chunky Short Side Braid Image: GettyIf you have got short layers in your hair, this hairstyle will suit you perfectly. French-Twisted Ponytail Put a twist in your hair routine with this French-twist ponytail. Frozen's Elsa French Braid Let's face it-Disney tells a lot of lies about hair. Dutch Braids for Short Hair Ladies with short hair, don't despair! There are braids for you, too. Once you’ve secured the end of your braid with a hair elastic, stretch out and loosen your braid from the center to make it wider and give it a more bohemian feel. French Braid Half Up The French braid half-up hairstyle is perfect for growing out regrettable bangs or just getting some hair out of your face. With box braids your hair is always in order, you can easily monitor its growth and experiment with effortless and showy hairstyles You won't get very far through this list without being able to do a French braid. Pick up random sections of hair and curl them to give your wavy hair some more definition. Leaving out your bangs, tie all your hair into a low side ponytail. Old man hairstyle. The crown is also a higher degree of difficulty level, so don't be discouraged if you don't nail it on the first try. Pouf French Braid This little braid is easy, cute, and versatile. Leave out a few tendrils of hair to frame your face. You just incorporate some new hair into the strand each time you cross it over. Use the elastic small rubber band to help keep your small middle hair section in place. Once the braid has gone past your ear, secure it to your head with some bobby pins. Don’t be afraid to pull out the ends of your hair through your braid. At this point, keep working in a traditional braid until you reach the ends of your strands. Hunger Games' Katniss Braid The much-sought-after Katniss braid is nothing but a simple Dutch braid on its side! This Makeup Geek post also features a helpful Dutch braid tutorial if you're still having trouble. Once your French braid has gone past your ears, simply braid it till the end and secure it with a hair elastic. Apply a dollop of volumizing mousse and a dime-sized amount of smoothening serum throughout your hair.

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Then release the top layer, and lace-braid around the bun. Insert some tiny bejeweled accessories all along the length of your braids. This ponytail is tied loosely and has a sleek effervesce to it. Fishtail-Braided Updo Twist a fishtail braid and a French fishtail into a bun at the nape of your neck to make this elegant updo. This look can be perfectly paired with a sundress and some sandals for a day out on the beach. French Crown Braid This pretty updo pairs perfectly with a boho-chic dress or top and looks great messy. But you need to start the braid high on your head and secure it with bobby pins as you go

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