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From not only body and paint, but also mechanical and upolstery. Our sail cruises all depart from Friday Harbor, Washington, USA, and return to the same port.

With a reputation for quality  and attention to detail, a Spike's paint job, increases the resale value and beauty of your bike. Close your eyes and you’ll hear the wind in the rigging and the water against a wooden hull, smell and taste the fresh salt air, and feel the gentle motion of the boat as she glides through the sea. Not only can Spikes match the paint, but we can also provide the parts and also perform the installation ! is the life we all lead. So, if your bike is in for mechanical repairs, they can send  your sheetmetal out for repairs or any Paint needs, while they do their thing.  From scratch built bikes to chopping the top on your street rod. Lower grill is handmade spider web, then chromed and spider added. Extended  saddlebags, stretched tank covers, nacelle, supply you with any other parts you need.Springfield Kennel Club brought their fund raiser dog, when he needed some touch ups. The Stretched Gas Tank and modified Dirty Bird Dash, were done by Spike and give the bike a flow, unachieved  by aftermarket Gas Tank covers or stretched Tanks presently available. This one is named Galaxy.                                           Repairs and Insurance ClaimsAlthough Spike's Custom Paint is a Specialty Shop, we are also a recommended Repair Facility for most Insurance Co's. At Spike's, we can help with all aspects of your project, or take the reins and make your vision a reality. The act of slamming the ball to the ground after succeeding in an important play, as after scoring a touchdown. A sharp momentary increase in voltage or electric current. something resembling such a nail, as a sharp-pointed metal projection on a weapon. one of a number of rectangular or naillike metal projections on the heel and sole of a shoe for improving traction, as of a baseball player or a runner. Help sail the ship or relax and let our friendly and experienced crew do the work. Spikes Custom Paint is a Dealer for Bad Dad, DirtyBird Concepts and Misfit Baggers.

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a pointed portion of a continuous curve or graph, usu. Entertaining your business associates or guests to teaching the latest fishing patterns and techniques is our specialty! But if you're shopping for the cheapest rate, don't call us. A sharp rise followed by a sharp decline in a graph or in the tracing of a scientific instrument. Many of these bikes already have Factory or, other Custom Paint. The act of deliberately throwing the ball to the ground as an incomplete pass in order to stop the game clock. an elongated flower cluster in which the flowers are arranged along an unbranched stalk more drastically changes your bikes appearance, than a new paint job. Or just slam it to the ground when you park it, for the ultimate look. To add excitement or vitality to: spiked the speech with many jokes. In turn, they have given back to the community by hosting events for the “Old Iron of South Central Kentucky” tractor association   A long, thick, sharp-pointed piece of wood or metal. an abrupt increase or rise: a spike of electrical current. Top off your visit at Smith Mountain Lake by staying in one of Spike & Kathy's waterfront vacation rentals. Enjoy our "million dollar" view and convenient location in one of our superb units. To add alcoholic liquor to: spiked the punch with rum. To add flavor or spice to: "Miss Jane brought him. To injure with spiked shoes, especially when sliding in baseball. Learn about our fascinating local wildlife from our on-board naturalists. To add a poison or other chemical to: a drink spiked with barbiturates.

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We will customize the trip to fit the needs of your group according to their angling experience. An elongate unbranched inflorescence with sessile flowers. The Cabinet is refinished in Candy Apple Lime Green, with Organic Green Candy Flames. Our office is located at the corner of Spring and Front Streets, next to the Cask and Schooner Restaurant. Hairstyle photography. The Air-Ride's handlebar switch, lets you pump up the suspension to your desired ride height as well as your comfort level. So, don't hesitate, get started  NOW.                                                                                     From coast to coast, from fabrication to finish,we do it all, in house and with uncompromising quality. Whether It's a complete makeover or just repair a scratched Tank

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