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He's easy-going, a good-listener in regard to what you are looking for and what problems you may be experiencing with your hair, and a skilled stylist. I'd give Jasen James and Amy Abramite a thousand stars from the sky if I could. Great salon -- they use kerastase, a prerequisite with me -- and they are really nice and friendly. I get so many compliments on my hair color and on my cut. But I gave it a whirl after talking to a coworker about the difficult life of ladies with fine hair. Hairstyle with headpiece. You'll have made an appointment to meet with Bob for a haircut. Rex consulted with me about my mousy color and then got to work. When you walk in to a hair salon, you want to walk out feeling fabulous and polished. Man modern hairstyle. I felt no rush to get out of the chair and be hurried along because the cut was essentially completed. Was lured in here for the yelp deal I noticed for new customers and all the rave reviews. what a mess! Especially my bangs, which I had tried to trim myself.

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Maxine is a gorgeous salon - a little oasis from the chaos of the city. If you want top notch service you better believe you have to pay $$$$ and it was worth every cent of my money. David beckham hairstyle name. They are perfection when it comes to finding the right color and cut for you. Asian fohawk hairstyle. It's such a joy to get a haircut! The colorists are so talented as well.I have had Jasen color my hair and he's dynamite. Aside from giving a stellar haircut, he is unfailingly professional, courteous, personable and a pleasure to talk to.

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In search of the perfect hair cut and color.I've gone to salons in Hollywood, Beverly HIlls, New York, Europe, South America, you name it. I appreciate that Aaron really takes his time cutting my hair--first wet and then dry--and makes sure I'm happy with it before I leave the salon. All but one staff person was extremely friendly and helpful.

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The salon itself is beautiful and I found the general vibe there very nice

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